Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Night Out With The Boys

Never underestimate the power of Dickie Yo's.  LOVE that place.  We all created our favorite concoctions. 

Then we made wishes in the fountain.  Jet really wants lots of gold.  : )

Lots of running and dancing.  Who can resist perfect platforms? 

Warm up by the fire.

Strike a pose by the giantor duck.  Nice Connor ; )

Love living close to family!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Going Private

Golly gosh, it's been too long.  Ai yai yai!

Well, have started a new family blog, but it's private.   It's at  JJAC is for, Jet, Jessica, Aijahlyn, and Chad.  I think I just need your email.  If you would like to read it, just let me know. I will delete the comment if you leave your email, if you're worried about leaving it somewhere : )

Basically, at the end of the day, we love to chillax in our mondo King bed, and talk about our favorite parts of the day.  I look forward to it every night.  But, I want to start recording that stuff.  It's the best!  AND, I gave Jet my old camera, so we can upload both of our pics.  It just sounds like the most lovely family routine.  THEN, at the end of the year, we want to take about 10-15 of our favorite pics from each month, and make a calendar for next year, so we can remember what we were doing last year, at that time.

Life is so precious, and unfortunately, if we don't document it, we forget too much of it.  I have missed so much already.  NO MORE, No nononononono.  It sounds fun to do and when I'm old, I'm going to cherish these documents so much.  Let the family blogging routine BEGIN!!!  So excited.  Yabol! 

The fam is doing great.  Loving life...most of the time : )  Working hard.  Playing hard.  Winding down at the end of our days.  Trying to start new routines, but it's tough.  Perhaps, we bit off more than we could chew in the resolutions department, but gosh, if we REALLY COULD DO all those goals, life would be so awesome.  Well, life is awesome, but it would be awesomer.  I really got to get on it!  I asked Chad yesterday, "Would you mind if I were more bossy about the routines we want to start?"  He said, "Uhhhh," with a disapproving face.  I said, "Well, not bossy, but just took charge more and said, WE ARE DOING THIS NOW!  NO EXCUSES"  Then he said, "Yeah, that would be good, but not bossy style."  Hopefully I can find the fine line.  haha.  

I am still working on my professional blog.  GETTING SO CLOSE!!!  It's going to be such a fun, motivating, happy place about pursuing a healthy lifestyle.  yay!  Being non-tech savvy has been quite the hurdle, and I've skinned my knees plenty of times now.  Poor little knees!  Ol' well, getting up braver every time!  Thank goodness I found some help!  Thanks to my bro-in-law!!!!

Alright, gotta make food now.  Mwa!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Flip the Awesome Switch

I just turned 29, and I feel like I'm actually starting to kind of get the hang of life...haha.  I will probably laugh at that statement in 10 years, rolling my eyes.  I know. 

This past year, I have grown so much.  I am so much more active in my own life.  Sadly, I have always been fairly passive about my life.  It's as if I've been riding a river, going along with life, but never really paddling, or nevr trying to get off the river and go somewhere else.  Often, I would say, I want to do that, but not THAT bad.  I'm happy with little.  I am content with keeping things simple, so I wouldn't pursue anything that cost money, or would make me too busy, because I thought it was better to just be happy with what I had. 

All those things are good, but it's also important to challenge ourselves.  I have developed a passion for it.  It makes life better.  The path of least resistance is not very interesting.  I want to get after it!  I want to wring the life out of living!

It started with "Game On" (health/fitness/weight loss competition), a bit over a year ago.  It taught me to set goals and actually not forget about them....sad....but you know how it goes!  Over the past year, I have been setting so many goals, many little ones really.  There are so many things to learn, try, and pursue.  As the year has gone on, my goals have been getting bigger, and now I vigorously reach for them, instead of being intimidated by them.  Bring it!  Whu what?!  Let's use my energy up, and not be scared of filling the plate.  Fill 'er up, and TOP 'er OFF!  Let's live. 

For instance, I have always wanted to start a professional blog.  I have been working on it for the past 2 months, and a fire has been ignited.  The passion it brings to me weaves into other parts of my life.  I am more passionate about everything.  I want to create an awesome life for my family.  I want to teach my children all good things.  I want to bring light and happiness to others.  I want a deep relationship with Chad, full of unconditional love.  I want to enjoy every single night together, as a family, learning and laughing and loving. 

2 months ago, I also started going to the gym.  It has been so great for me, socially and emotionally.  I forgot how nice it is to be social!  I have comrades there....tehe.  We love fitness, and we don't think we're crazy for it.  : )  I keep it to an hour a day, and it's such a battery charger.  ZzzzzzztTTTTt!  Bring on the day! 

I feel like I'm in attack mode.  Rar!  Not, sit back and let's see what happens mode.  Who needs that anymore?  That's not for me, personally. 

It makes me feel a bit sad, that I'm 29, just learning these things about myself, and figuring out the way I want to live my life.  Grrr.  But, you know, that's still young baby.  And, I have so much ahead.  And, I'll probs be livin' 'til I'm flippin' 110, between the way my grandmas are doing (both 94) and my healthy lifestyle.

PS We'll be starting a new family blog soon, and "chadandjezca" will retire.  I want to work on the new blog WITH Jet.  'Twill be good bonding time.  And, I just want to document everything!!!  I love journaling.  If I'm lackin' mojo, give me a bit of journal time or a workout, and I'm back at it.  So, a-blogging we will go.  So excited.          

Sunday, October 20, 2013

5 AM jibbah jabbah

It's 5am.  I normally wake up around 7.  This happened last Sunday, and I couldn't get back to sleep.  I was so excited for a lovely morning anyway, I just stayed up, worked on my calling, and read some conference talks.  It was fab!  Well, I was an official zombie in Sunday School.  Honestly, my eyes were burning, and I did not want to open them after the prayers!  Luckily, there were oreos in the the YW closet, and those offered a pick-me-up for the 3rd hour.  Thanks sugar rush!

Well golly, I don't want the same thing to happen again, but I can't sleep, and I have the blogging bug.  So, might as well live it up, warm some tea, and have a good ramble.  
  Oh, my favorite mug!  It says GOOD MORNING on it.  Yessir!  It's the perfect size, design, and I am a morning person after all, so, I HAD to buy it.  Best $5 spent.  Love ya World Market.

Garsh, gotta repaint the nails.  Maybe I'll do that too.  Ha!

Yesterday was a cave day.  I pretty much stayed home all day.  Chad was gone all day too.  Sometimes, those days just hit the spot.  I hit the gym in the morning (gots ta go to Insanity every Saturday morning.  It's the bestest.  Plus, Rick Dancer is a regular.  haha.  Chad says, "Who cares?"  lol  Meh, whatevs, Rickster is cute and Ellen, the instructor, makes me happy, and everyone is just full of energy at that class.  But gosh, this one guy totes stole my spot, and then hogged the mirror.  BUT, it was funny watching him check himself out...haha!)

After the gym, Jet went to Cooper's BDAY PARTAY, supah fun!  Then we took the dogs out on what we call the "Monster Path," and from there, stayed home ALL DAY.  I closed the curtains so I could wear whatever I wanted and dance like a fool to various Pandora radio stations while cooking and cleanin' uppa storm!  Jet and I did school together.  We made mac'n'cheese and he was determined to eat it on the deck.  I ungraciously indulged him, and ended up loving it.  Best part of my day.  We cozied up on the lounger, it was sunny, and after I ate all mine, I snuck a few bites of his.  Terrible, I know!  Then we cut kale from the garden and laughed about how daddy is going to hate the kale chips we are going to make...haha!  Well, Jet is probably gonna hate them too, but he doesn't know it yet.  I found a recipe with nutritional yeast on it.  Yum.  I discovered that stuff at Cinemark.  They have it to put on your popcorn.

Anywho, Chad went to the Duck game, so he was going to be away all night.  The kids and I basically just hung-out, going room to room cleaning up and laughing about one thing or another.  Then Jet and I read books in bed.  Twas awesome.  And now, the house is clean, floors vacuumed, dishes are done, and the dirty laundry baskets are all empty.  Perfect way to start a Sunday morning.   

Then it was 10:45 when Chad got home, I crashed, and Jet watched Madagascar until midnight. Eek.  Well, I was a good mom up until then.  Gosh, I ain't wonder woman.  And, what's the first thing Chad says when he gets home to see a sparkling house, after he's been having oodles of fun at the Duck game?

 "It smells like fish really bad in here!"

 I rolled my eyes, MAJOR!  Um, what???!!!  The eye roll said, "You're supposed to say, "The house looks awesome!"  I said,  "So, yeah yeah, I cooked some fish, big whoopity!  Just my normal tray of roast fish for the next few days (love the stuff!).  You're the one who caught it all in Alaska.  CHAD, we need a range hood.  That's your job."  Ha!

"Yeah, that's true.  It would have sucked all that smell up.  The house looks awesome by the way." 

Maybe I'll cook more stinky things to encourage faster action.  Nevermind that he always calls it a hood range.  LOL!!!!!  pahahaha.  Love you, Hun!  I tease, I tease!     

Last sip of tea.  Sigh.

 Man, why do I need sleep?  I just want to stay awake.  This is so self-indulgent and fun.  But, I can't be exhausted at church.  I love the classes too much, and Aijah is a mad-woman there.  All over the place!  Cute little crazay thing.

LOVES.  Wish me luck on sleeping.  Oi!

And mercy, let's hope we actually make it church on time.  We're the annoying late people.  We have been trying so hard, but still!  Man!  WE CAN DO IT!    


Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Oh golly, it's been way too long.

Well, I have been blogging, but it's been on a secret blog.  haha.  I have started writing a health and fitness lifestyle blog.  I haven't found just the right title yet.  I wanted to just get started with writing, finding my niche, practicing, and seeing how much time it would take to post once a day.  Mercy me, I loveth it.  So excited to get it rollin'!  Yahoozle!  Such a passion there that ignites my happy!

I am going to be an INSANITY instructor.  CRAZAY!!!  The DVD series is just starting to offer classes at gyms across the US.  I have always wanted to teach group fitness, and when I heard Insanity was coming, I knew that was the class I wanted to teach.   I just took my certification this weekend.  Be prepared for sequinned headbands.  haha!  Oh, I would love to practice, and am going to try to organize some free classes.  Let me know if you are interested.  The class is meant for ALL fitness levels, I promise.  They designed it that way.  

The end of August was so awesome, it made the transition to fall a bit rough.  Where's the sun?  Ahhhhh.  What about my daily journal time sittin' on my lounger in the sunshine?  GONE!  BUT....I just replaced it with a warm blanket and tea on the couch.  Still awesome.  What about picnics?  GONE!  BUT....we eat at the kitchen island now.  And RAIN!  I was such a woose the first 2 weeks of rain, as if it was this AWFUL, painful, miserable stuff.  But, my Oregon roots finally pulled through and reminded me, rain is not a big deal.  

The kitchen.  Ha!  Still not done.  We put it off because we wanted to enjoy summer.  NO REGRETS.  Kitchen remodels can wait for rain.  Oh yes.  So, now we're getting back into work mode.

We are all great.  Working on uploading photos.  Got some goodies.

 I started a  nightly "bullet-point" journal, where I write the highlights of everyday.  Also, nightly, we all share our fave parts of the day.  I loves me some homey, comforting routines before bed.  Aaaaaaaah.  I look forward to it every night.  A cup of tea or cocoa never hurts either.  And, a new down comforter!  Sleep tight.

I have been doing "school" with Jet.  It's so engaging and fun.  I love bringing home huge bags of books from the library, and reading them in bed together.  'Course, hauling them to and from the library is a bit awkward.  Heeve ho!  Totally worth it though.

Aijah.  Aw, little dahlin'.  I call her my crazy angel.  She is SO SWEET, but into everything!  Into the cupboards, dog food, purses, toilets, lotion, and ON and ON!  She just loves wandering around the house, amusing herself.  Luckily, we finally got child locks on the cupboards.  She had developed a passion for emptying the recycle and scattering it.

Life is just good right now.  I am enjoying every day.  I best be spreadin' the love!     

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Santa Cruz.  7am.  Brilliant sun.  E Cliff Dr, hugs the shore line.  7.5 miles.

I went to Santa Cruz the summer after I graduated.  It rocked my world.  I fell in love with it.  I have wanted to go back ever since.  It has taken 10 years.  I have always dreamed of being a surfer girl, hitting the waves early in the morning before really starting the day.  Well, running gives me such a kick, I think I’d rather run than surf these days.  This run was pure bliss from start to finish, a culmination of 10 years anticipation.  I was ecstatic just being there, being in my element 100%.  

Fed Aijah, and snuck out the back door.  So excited.  Wasn’t quite sure which streets to take, but knew generally to stay south to see the ocean as best as possible.  It was bright and sunny, not overcast like San Fran, and the perfect temp because of the crisp morning air.  Mmmmm, mi favorito.  Crispy air. 

Off we go, TO THE OCEAN.  Aaaahhh, there it is!!!!  I’m here, I’m really here!  Run run run.  Pretty pretty pretty.  Um….ok, take a left.  Following the shore line.  Stop for a pic.  Click.  Lady gaga radio.  Britney Spears montage while passing the Boardwalk.  Haha.  Smiling.  Up the stairs.  Legs a bit tired from San Fran run the day before.  Find a real path (aka, not sidewalk off of a street) right along the shore.  Gorgeous.  2 feet from the sand.  Volleyball nets.  Palm trees.  Cliffs.  Beautiful architecture.  Winding path.  Off to the lighthouse, I know it’s around that corner somewhere. 

At this point, it felt surreal, as if I couldn’t believe I was really there.  Everything was so perfect.  The views, the sense of nostalgia, the morning itself, the ocean, the path I had never trod.  I felt so alive, and so filled within the moment.  So many things that make me happy were happening all at once. 

I passed the lighthouse, and kept going.  I didn’t want to go back yet.  Watched people playing with their dogs on the beach.  Awww…our dogs would love it here (but oi, the sand).  Looked at the Garmin, almost 4 miles.  Probably should head back to pamper the ol’ knee.  No injuries here. 

Turned to Pink Martini radio.  The perfect set of tunes for the setting with the 40’s vibes.  Oh baby.  “Papa loves mambo…..Mama loves mambo.”  Grinning ear to ear.  Feeling so light on my feet.  Dancing with my arms.  Taking everything in.  Facing the sun now.  Feels so good.  Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm.  HEAVEN!  Amazing houses.  Dodging a few bikes.  Passing other happy runners.  Arms swinging.  Slight breeze.  More beach.  Stop for pics here and there.  Run through the empty boardwalk (am I allowed to be here?).  Run run….train bridge….can I run on this?  Is it still being used?  Better be safe, DETOUR.  Meh, extra mile, no bigs.  Great decision.  Set me up to run straight into the sun, while “La Soledad” from Pink Martini came on.  Starts with amazeballs Chopin solo.  Running, Chopin, sun in Santa Cruz, water off to one side, pictureseque houses to the other.  Practically want to cry.  Thank you Heavenly Father!  Thank you!  Singing starts after the solo.  Sucker for Spanish.  Meow.

Run to the beach, take the stairs down.  Who cares if I get sand in my shoes.  Running toward the water.  Wow!!!  Little tipsy on the dry sand, get to the wet sand.  Run along the shore.  Run faster.  Feel my legs work.  Laugh because this is my dream come true.  Running along the beach, fast, fast, fast.  FREE!!!! WEEEEeeee!  Arms out.  DORK!  Can’t help it!  Aaaaahhhh, I’m really here.  This is really me.  It’s not a movie!!!!  It’s not in my head.  It’s REAL!!!!!  Stop at the lighthouse rocks.  Turn around, walk back. 

Should I swim?  Ofcourse.  It would end the run perfectly.  I have to.  I would hate myself if I didn’t.  Off with the shoes, socks, iphone, headphones, Garmin.  Walking in.  The perfect wave to dive into.  GO FOR IT!  Crash….shploosh!  THAT WAS AWESOME!!!  Soaked from head to toe.  Not even cold according to my Oregon perception.  Plop into the water.  Float on my back.  Look up at the sky, sun streaking rays across it.  “Ever After” moment.  Perfectly relaxed, endorphins pumping through entire body, enveloped in the ocean.  Deep breaths.  Stand up.  Waves pass across my torso.  Another dive.  Looking around.  Taking it in.  “How is the water?” people ask.  Oh, AMAZING. 

Time for a stretch.  Bum kinda in the air.  I don’t care.  I’m on vacation.  I consider the stretch after as part of the whole running experience.  It feels as lovely as a massage.  Aaaaahhs and sighs always ensue.  Close eyes.  Perfection.  Open my eyes.  See the ocean, my skin covered in beads of water, sand on parts of me, sun reflecting off my limbs, neon running shoes off to the side.  Tear up.  I LOVE THIS place.  I love this moment.  It’s SO ME.  Why has it taken so long to get here?  Aren’t I supposed to live here?  I feel so at home, and so alive.  I LOVE THIS OCEAN.  I love the sand and sun.  I love the energy, the beauty, the peace.  Crying a bit more.  Get the feeling that everything is okay.  I have a wonderful life, and heaven will give me endless time to do everything I love, in places even more amazing than this.  Just enjoy the moment. 

Walk back to the beach house, carrying my shoes. 

Uhhh, Aijah got woken up by a dog soon after I left, and that woke up Jet.  The kids were supposed to be sleeping.  SORRY Chad.  But, THANK YOU!!!!  You have no idea.  THANK YOU!!!!!  That’s the second day in a row.  Eeeeek.  I owe you some massages.  No problem.   

Do you ever feel like you're meant to live somewhere else? 

BUT, after this trip, I have been inspired to run in more interesting places around home.  I would love to RUN the Ridgeline Trail, instead of bike or hike.  I would also love to become an expert on all the Pisgah trails by running. the summer, I can go for a dip afterwards in the river.  It's all good.  AND, Pink Martini Radio will be coming with me.   

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Soaking it up!

I am feeling very self-indulgent right now, and I should be cleanin the house and blah blah blah, but honestly, I'd much rather sprawl on my lounger chair, in my swimsuit, soaking up the early evening sun and have a little blog.  The house can wait.

Summer comes but once a year, and its laidback vibes have soaked through me.  Ya know what?  I will work on the house and have it all good and lovely when the weather turns sour and I'm stuck inside, but for now, this sun is getting enjoyed.  I follow a blog and the author is currently on "holiday" (she's British) in Spain, and I'm just pretending that I am too.  What is all that pressing anyway?  So the kitchen isn't we lost steam....whoopitteedoo dah!  I'd rather be outside anyway.

I am LOVING summer.  Oh me oh my!  We've had a few overcast days and it totally woke me from my unappreciative slumber.  JESSICA, enjoy the summer before it's gone!  We been swimming in the pool, I've been reading and writing every day on my lounger, we take picnics galore, we go on bike rides, we eat popsicles.  We've picked tons of blackberries and raspberries.  I have been running more, and say a prayer of gratitude every day that my knee is so much better!  Every run this week has come with a post-run high that could not be recreated any other way.  You would think that I had just won the lottery I am so happy.  I come home, turn on some pandora, dance with Aijah, stretch rather loudly with relaxing sounds.....nothin' like a good stretch when you're sore.....aaaaaaaawwwwhhhhhh.  After a shower, we all hang out in the bed, and catch Aijah before she plummets. 

Yep, I've been living the last few weeks of August like it's vacation.  Bliss I tell you.  Sure, the floor needs a good mop....yeeps, but hey, I'm caught up on the laundry.  There are clean sheets on the bed.  Mis peeps are gettin' fed.  It's all good.  Uh....the toilet is broken and we have to use a bbq tool to flush it, but ol' well.  We have two toilets and what's an extra 5 seconds to go to the other toilet or use the tool for a flush?  Bah hahaha!

I think the kitchen remodel was just so overkill, that we are in recoup mode, and don't give a rip about the house right now.  Chad doesn't want to invite family for Aijah's bday because the kitchen is in the exact same state of undone-ness as it was on jet's bday a month ago.  I say, who cares?  I wanna partay!  They don't care....golly gee.

Sometimes i feel a little guilty for being so vacation-y, but then I remember that it's ok.  It's my life.  I work hard all the time.  It's crazy for me to remember that I used to have 2 1/2 months of summer every YEAR!  That hasn't happened since I was 17.  I haven't had a 2 week break since then.  My friends would come home from college, and have Christmas off or summer break and not work.  I've had some great 5-6 days off on a row, but that's all.  I've gone 1 day without my kid/kids for 2 times.  Is it so wrong to put things on the back burner for awhile and use that free time to be outside?  No, it' RIGHT!  It's kinda shameful not to, if there is an option.

Some mornings have been chalk full of outings....and I love them.  It's like the "real day" of getting things done doesn't start until afternoon.  I workout first, then take the dogs, then go on an adventure with the kids, then go on a picnic, and whudya know, so much fun and it's only 1pm. 'Course, there is a lot of stuff in between, like feeding people, clothing people, diapering, picking-up, washing etc but it's fun too.  Then I'll try to maintain some order in the house while the kids play, then we'll have a snack, read books, the kids take a long nap, I take a short one and keep some time to write in my journal and read blogs and work in the garden or cook stuff from the garden that only I eat.  Summer...don't end.

Today, we hung out in our kiddie pool.  Aijah picked me a flower.  When Jet saw it, he went and picked a whole bushel of flowers for  He gets a bit jealous and competitive sometimes with her, but in a sweet way.  I try not to get annoyed when he tries to be louder than she is.  Why do I get annoyed so easy?  I act like I have all these things to do, but really it's just some housework and paperwork to keep up with.  It's not as if there are many urgent things in my life right now, yet I still feel like that, and I think it makes me more impatient with my family.  How silly!  Sometimes, I see all the little messes around and I get tunnel vision and think, I gotta do this and this and this and when am I ever have time to get to that etc...but gosh, what's really pressing and fleeting are my children growing up....just like how summer is only here for a short time.  They completely correlate, and I'm realizing that I let my petty to-do list get in the way too much of enjoying my children.  I need to soak them up!!!  Like the sun!!! 

Writing and journaling has always helped me figure myself out.  I love it. 

PS, I love blogs because I have found a few people (strangers really) that I just LOVE.  They inspire me and lift me up and I'm addicted to "hearing" from them.  It's like they are friends....BUT....uh.....they don't know me.  lol.  anyone else have this goin' on?