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Friday, February 27, 2009

Tips and Tricks

First off, I want to thank everyone for their comments from my last blog...I'm so excited to have a boy now....for realzies! In fact, you guys were all so helpful, that I'm glad we're having a boy first! Thank you so much!

So, I'm sure you all have discovered some tricks that you keep the house in order. Well, I thought I'd share mine. I hope that they may be useful to someone. : )

Opening jars: This trick works 100% of the time. So....the stupid lid on your jar won't open....get out some heavy duty hitting object...I like my meat tenderizer...and give the edge of the lid a THWACK!!! This will break the seal, and make it easy to may need to hit it 2-4 times, depending on how big of a "pain-in-the-tush" the lid wants to be. You will never have to ask hubby to open a jar he can help with more important cleaning!

It's quite energizing!

Clogged drains: I have long hair, and it's staying that way. This leads to clogged shower drains....well, NO MORE. If you have a problem, use actually dissolves the hair, instead of just pushing it out the drain. To PREVENT the problem, I have invented an amazing contraption....well, I invented it in my head, and then the idea was STOLEN, and I saw it on the store shelf. It lays on top of your drain, like a top hat. It catches all the hair, and let's the water go through. Before my shower, I lay it down, after the shower, empty it and that's it. It's better to prevent than treat. I found mine at Albertson's for $2.00
Rubber bands: This is 10 times better than a rubberband ball. Use a rock climbing hook....I got mine free from the national guard. Keeps all the rubberbands in one place, and it's the easiest access ever!

Tired of credit card offers? Save the fake card they give you, and use them for scrapers. I use these to scrape dried crud off counters, dishes, cabinets....anything. Save your nails! Save time!
You can buy scrapers too, but these are free. I had a pic, it disappeared.

Drink more water. I am always forgetting to drink water, and I know I need to, so this helps Chad and me. If we buy a bottle, I keep it and reuse it for water, and keep it in the fridge. It makes me 10 times more likely to drink water, cuz it's easy, and water that's been chilled in the fridge tastes the best. If I know I'm going to be sitting somewhere for more than 10 when I read blogs....I'll take a water bottle with me, and I ALWAYS finish it....not cuz I'm trying to....but it's there, so I keep's kinda subconcious.

Stretch your juice. Many people aren't a fan of plain water, but juice is spendy and has high calories...and crystal light is gross to we will fill a water bottle 1/5 juice, 4/5 water. It's a lot like those "Twist" drinks. We like it. Plus, I love those big juice bottles, cuz when they're empty, I'll sanitize them, fill them with water, and put them in the garage for water storage. The plastic is nice and thick.

Keeping herbs fresh: I used to think the best way to keep herbs (like cilantro) fresh, was put the stems in a glass of water, like it's a bouquet of flowers, and pop them in the fridge. That works pretty well, but the best way is to wrap them in paper towel, and put them in a plastic bag. They're keep A LOT longer. This cilantro is 2 weeks old, and looks like I just got it.

So, those are a few things from me.

So, I have been showered with gifts lately, I just had to share....because the stuff is SOOO cute. Chad completely surprised me with yummy goodies from bath and body works...and a bag of Sweet Factory candy....peach penguins, swedish fish....YUM!
My friend Amy and her mom surprised me with this fabulous mug that says sereni-tea, the absence of stress while drinking tea. It's the nicest mug I have, it's thick, has rounded edges, and it stinkin' cute! They also got me the BEST TEA ever! Blackberry and elderflower....they serve it at Ruthie Bee's. $9 a box! They knew I'd never get it for myself, so they got it for smells like flowers and tastes like berries, and has all these subtle flavors at once....this is the only tea Chad likes. And some lavendar soap!

These are some of the clothes Chad's mom got us for the new little tike. I LOVE THE PUMA onesie! And, we got matching socks! Everything is so soft and adorable!

This is the orchid from my mumsie. Orchids make me happy....very mangoes. Now my dining room is cheerier than ever!

I've been spoiled....MAJOR! Isn't all so cute? Sorry the pics are weird, I had to use the camera on the laptop...I did my best.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's a baby.....


I was so getting the boy vibe for the past few months! Seriously, I was. As much as I hoped for a girl....I know, it doesn't matter, and I'm a terrible person for even having a preference, but I was still secretly hoping. But there we were in the middle of the ultrasound, and we get to the pelvic region, and it was SOOOOO obvious.....but the ultrasound technician said she would have to look later to be 100% sure....ofcourse I loved hearing that, but even with my lack of knowledge about what babies look like on ultrasounds, there was no way a girl could look like that! So, 15 minutes later, we're back to the same region, and it was confirmed 100%. So, Chad is ecstatic, and I'm starting to love the idea....I mean, girls are just so adorable, and their rooms are funner to design, and their clothes are so fun, and girls like girly things....and HELLO, TUTUS are SOOOO cute on little girls. Boys are cool. less hair to deal with. Boys like sports and getting outside and I love those things. But....boys like video games (UGH!). Chad will be able to teach him all kinds of cool stuff. Okay, I still have a girl bias that I need to get rid of. BOYS ARE COOL. Please people, tell me why boys are cool!!!! They scream less than girls when they're a bit older. They make Dad happy. Every family needs a boy in had to happen some time. What else is good about boys?

Okay, I know it won't matter, and I'll love my little baby to pieces. I'm just adjusting right now. : )

Right after the ultrasound, Chad's mom took us shopping for boy clothes. So awesome! We got the cutest things....which made me feel better, knowing boy stuff is really cute too. She totally spoiled us....well....the baby.... it made me feel so happy and loved. My mumsie also bought me an favorite....which I think was needed to balance out the masculinity/testerone in this household. Luckily, Dakota is a girl.....but she's a serious, I still feel outnumbered.

Sorry, no pics, our camera isn't working so well.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

“Bee positive” and “Find joy in the journey”

Okay, I’ve being focusing too much on the negative aspects of being preggers. Well, I’m squashing that bug here and now, cuz Primary people “Follow the Prophet.” Okay….the last verse of that song is so funny….”Now we have a world where people are confused, if you don’t believe it, go and watch the news.” LOL….total gem.

Old view: I can’t lye on my back. Um yeah, that’s my favorite.

New view: Chad has stopped hogging all the pillows cuz he knows I need them to be comfy. Don’t worry, he still has 3 for himself. Sometimes I wonder if he would prefer a bed of pillows instead of a mattress.

Old view: I want to exercise like I used to. I want to run, FAST, and not worry about over doing it. I hate having to think about constantly taking it easy when I’m exercising. I can’t even stand running cuz I have to imitate a snail….or sloth….or BANANA SLUG! Chad can run faster than me now…..NO FAIR! That was my one athletic pride and joy that I had against him.

New view: Enjoy taking it easy….try to mix up the routine with something new like swimming….think, “I’m a beautiful swan… slow, steady, and graceful.” I’ll whoop Chad on the track next year…’s gonna be a serious smackdown…….ah ha ha!

Old view: There are too many things that I can’t do, or won’t be able to do soon. How I would love a ski retreat. Soon it won’t be safe to roller blade with Dakota. No attempts at mountain biking anytime soon. I must avoid all chances of injury. This is why guys don’t have babies, cuz the poor little babes wouldn’t stand a chance.

New view: I also can’t inhale cleaning chemicals….so Chad gets to clean the shower….and it’s pretty bad right now….tehe...I can see the beads of sweat falling from his brow now. Keep scrubbing, Dear!!!!

Old view: Oh no, I’ve gained weight, is it the baby…..or fatty pockets of lard?

New view: Eat healthy, and STOP STRESSIN’. Also, for the baby’s sake I can splurge on expensive produce….like mangoes, and other yummies that I don’t normally buy due to price…..hello, I’m trying to help the baby here. I LOVE FRESH PRODUCE!!!

Well, it’s obvious that I have a lot to be grateful for. Things are going great, I was just being a whiny poo taco, especially when Lindsay is going through nauseas torture all day, EVERYDAY….don’t hate me Lindsay!

And also, I’ve taken a few wise cracks at Chad, but know, it’s all in good fun. He’s been a superstar from day 1…’ sho’.