Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mexican Hot Chocolate

I doubt this is very authentic.....but it's DELISH....and super why not give it a whirl? That's how I was pleasantly surprised. Let me know it you try it!


Hot chocolate (whatever king you normally use)
Cayenne pepper (ground)

Directions: Make the hot chocolate as usual. Then add a dash of cinnamon and cayenne. Add more to taste.

Verdict: The warmest hot chocolate ever. The warmth of the cinnamon hits at the beginning...and the cayenne leaves the heat on your tongue after you're done. ::Sigh::

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Funny pics

Does this remind anyone else of, Mr. Collins's hairstyle in the A&E version of Pride and Prejudice? He always has big chunks of hair randomly sprawled across his forehead.

I think it's SO CUTE when he rubs his eyes when he's tired!

Friday, December 11, 2009

I can explain!

Sorry folks. No pics. Just words. Barely any time to write....but I CAN"T stand staying silent this long.

Disclaimer: 1st, we don't have internet. We don't have any TV channels either. I love not having TV. HATE not having internet. So, whenever I want to use the internet, I have to go to the library, and i have to take Jet with me, and for some odd reason....he is very impatient in the library. Which means I only have time for MANDATORY things, like paying bills etc. I have tried to write posts at home, and then just copy and past them, so I can post them really quick, but I always get an error message.

Now to the fun.

I LOVE BEING A MOM. Have I even been able to say that yet? This is going to sound horrible, but I'm an honest person. I was seriously worried I wouldn't like being a mom. I wanted to like it, I wanted to love it....I even asked Chad before Jet arrived, what if I don't like being a mom? Well....that problem was solved really easy. It the umpteenth power. I love taking care of him, and loving him. He thinks I'm hilarious....major plus.....he loves my singing...not my piano playing.....I made him laugh the other day by taking his little hands, lightly banging (that doesn't make sense) them on his chest, and making tarzan sounds....he loves to watch me do aerobics....I am always getting a heavy bag load of books from the library for us to read together. Well....I like looking at the art and enjoying the creativity of childrens lit...and he tends to squirm by the end of the story, unless I add some type of motions with the story telling. He has just started learning to laugh...and at this point it's more of a gargle. He's is unobjectionally the cutest baby ever! I am allowed to say that....cuz I'm his mom....ha!

What have I been up to?

Reading like a mad woman. I love it. I've read, Sheri Dew books, personal finance and investing books, career books, I'm reading the WHOLE Bible, start to finish...I'm almost done with Numbers, and right now I'm reading books on journal writing.....I just finished a fabulous one called, "A Broom of One's Own." A charming memoir about a jack-of-all-trades sort of woman who cleaned houses for 15 years, and became a writer. It was fun delving into her mind. I miss her already. I just finished the book a few days ago. I also perused one called, "Note to Self: On Keeping a Journal and other Dangerous Pursuits." It was not nearly as sensational as the former. And I'm in the middle of, "Leaving A Trace." This author is seriously fabulous. She impresses me with how she construes words and sentences with such grace. I only hope one day to be as articulate and scintilatting. sp? I have been so inspired about journal writing. What a door-opener to one's mind! I even pulled out my journal I wrote in from age 15-19. I am having-a-ball reminiscing. But I must admit.....this is definitely my favorite time in my life thus far. I love Central Oregon. I love our family.....the dogs on a day by day basis (yikes....what troublemakers). I feel so fortunate to be able to JUST be a mom and wife right now. I love it. I do look forward to a future time when I can pursue my career (I have decided to be a lit. professor....I was planning on teaching highschool lit.....but I think I'd prefer a community college) ....but now is not the has its seasons, and I plan on enjoying them as they come and go....not pining for the past, or longing for the future.

Isn't life just fabulous? Chad has been inspiring me with all these fascinating things he wants to do sometime in his life. Some of them are quite.....fanciful.....but I love it!'s got me thinking.

Wouldn't it be fabulous to swim in the ocean off of that sapphire water? What's that city with all the white stucco buildings, and electric blue domed roofs? Santorini? I want to go there, in the summertime, and dip in the ocean. "I should love to go sea bathing!"

Wouldn't it be fabulous to run marathons in tons of different cities? What a unique view you would get of the place....and obviously they map the marathons to pass some of the best parts of the cities (to entice to runners to come). I would LOVE to do that.

I would love to surf on a regular basis, and mountain bike. I would love to go swimming in some sort of body of water (not a pool) every day in the summer!

What do you think would be fabulous?

I realize there are obviously more important things in life....and I'll keep my priorities straight....but "Wouldn't it be nice?" Do you hear that Beach Boys tune tapping at your brain? Love that song. Who wouldn't? Seriously....what a sad sort of person.

Well, I miss you all! I miss keeping track of everyone, and seeing their happy moments. I need the internet. Well.............WANT. Wants and needs.....why can't we have it all sometimes? Ol gol Jess, it's not a tragedy. Sorry...just talking to myself. Love you all!