Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Friday, September 30, 2011

BRING Home and Garden Tour

About 2 weeks ago, my mum and I went to a local garden tour hosted by BRING recycling.  Here are some highlights.

That's an outdoor shower.  After seeing this, Chad desperately wants one, and I too think it would be AWESOME!

Someday I would like a shady, lounging spot, with much foliage abounding.
This is was a cob building.
 The gardener used this wood for growing mushrooms.
 HONEYBEES.  Chad will have honeybees at some point in his life.  There is no question.  I learned that if you join the local bee club that you can use the honey extratractor thingy for free!!!
 I LOVED this idea for succulents etc.  It's just plain ol' cinder block, filled with plants that brim over the edge.  They used it on the outside of an outdoor building. 

 This garden also featured a natural house.  I don't know the details, but it was cool.  I felt like I was in Star Wars IV.
 This house was very intriguing.  The front walkway was lined with all these funky, recycled art pieces. 
 But then it got WEIRD.  They had a huge shed full of....what should I call it....tacky junk?  It was creepy, bridging on inspiration for a horror movie.
 My favorite piece was the rake with the barbie heads.

 This is all the same house.  They're very quirky.  I LOVED it, but there was a bit too much going on, and Mumsie and I were getting worried about these people's sanity.

The coolest fire pit ever.  Chad said I shouldn't share this pic with anyone, because he didn't want anyone to know where we got the idea when we totally copy them.  Sorry hon, had to share, it was my favorite part.

Outdoor oven.
The rainbow of drying clothes.

Guest yurt. 
Outdoor cooking yurt thingy.  My mom and I didn't get it.  Why?  It was roasting in there.

Monday, September 12, 2011

U of O Campus

I always thought I would be weary of the U of O campus forever.  On my last day of school there, I skipped back to my car with a gleeful smile because I was finally DONE with that place.  Well, after 4 years, the loathing has worn off.  It's not that I didn't like the school, or that I didn't think it was beautiful.  It was all the walking.  Every day, for 2 years straight, I would have to speed-walk for 10 minutes to get to my class.  Then I would have to speed-walk another 10 minutes to get to my next class.  Then I would have to walk 10 minutes to get to the library, then walk 10 minutes back to my car and rush to work.  During all that, add a backpack full of dense textbooks and Norton Anthologies.  One January, it rained every day.  I didn't own boots.  I didn't even own a decent coat.  My bottom quarter of my jeans were always soaked.  Why didn't I get a bike? 
 Today, I didn't have a backpack, I didn't have a class to rush to, and I didn't have to navigate through mobs of students.  I could just enjoy the place.  Enjoy the architecture.  Enjoy the fact I wasn't going to have to buy really expensive books soon and stand in an hour long line to purchase them.  Hurrah!  It's amazing how much prettier a campus is when you're not a student there.


Sweet leather bike seat.

Friday, September 9, 2011

My Adventure Buddy

 We do almost everything together. 
 Play with the dogs
 Watch planes and helicopters
 See new things
 Look at rainbows after nap time
 Experience this beautiful world
 Go on bike rides
 Make music and dress up
 Paint our nails
 Get creative
I love you, Jet.  I can't believe I get to be your mom.  You're amazing.  I love your sweet heart, your happiness, your goofiness, and your adventurous spirit.  Thank goodness we get to be together forever, because I couldn't have it any other way.  You truly are my most precious jewel.   

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blue Wall, Fuschia Legs

 Hurrah for blue walls!
 Hurrah for crazy tights!
 Hurrah for helpful husband taking pictures!
 Hurrah for electricity!
 Hurrah for worn paint that reminds us it's okay to be imperfect!
Hurrah for the most random colored convenience store!

This morning I learned that you aren't supposed to blog when you have THE BLAHS.  BAD!!!  You sound like a whiny fool who's lying in the fetal position moping.  Boo hoo, wo is me, wah!  So, I didn't blog earlier.  I took a NAP!  I am smart sometimes.  I had a cool dream, I woke up, I felt better, I blogged.  Sleep-deprived Jessica is lame.

Your turn.  Shout hurrah for something that makes you happy.  And, you can do it in your head if you want....but really shouting is better!