Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Okay, I am not in love with myself.  AT ALL.  But, I'm starting to realize that I'm going to have to recruit some more people if I'm going to get some more interesting photos.  I enjoy capturing the things around me, but I think people are more interesting.  Especially if there is a story going on.  I have all these ideas for photos, but they involve more people.  I just take pics of myself because I always seem to be available.  Get a life, right?  And, I know I won't get annoyed if I ask myself, or take too many shots of the same thing.  Plus, myself and I really think alike, so there won't be any artistic differences.  And the photographer won't think I'm lame if I want a few more takes if my nose is at a funny angle.   So basically, this myself person is really easy to work with.

In middle school, I used to draw a picture of the guy I liked, and then cover his face in kisses...yikes.  I only did it a few times.  Well, with my lips all ready for making lip prints, I was inspired to reminisce.  There's is guy I have a HUGE crush on.  Apparently, he looks a lot like Gerard Butler when he gets drawn.  Who knew?  It kind of looks like Chad, right? 
I took me like 2 hours to get the shading right on the upper lip. 
Drawing a picture of someone is a great way to show that you're a freaky stalker who has too much time to get shading right in weird places, and make it look like you have a mustache.  PS Trisha, I'm sure he kissed your drawn face a bazillion times, but you can't tell because guys don't wear lipstick.  Just wanted to let you know, not that you're not already freaked out.


Danielle said...

I loooove the third picture with your bangs covering your eyes. So artsy. LOVE it.


cool pics. Have I ever told you about the group of girls in salem who imitate america's next top model and they do really artistic photo shoots of certain themes, and they dress in costume and everything? I think you should find some people to do that with. I know she did it with people her age, her sisters and Young Women in teh ward. I think you'd have alot of fun with it. I was invited to join the group- ha- and then I moved. I think it would be so fun to do.