Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Get Your Nerd ON

Jet has gone BUG CRAZY. Yesterday, he would not get in our truck because he didn't want to stop investigating the ladybugs on the sidewalk. He's always looking for bugs, mostly only finding rocks, and thinking they're little bugs until he looks closer. Yesterday, we found a HUGE dragonfly.

This inspired me to have a photo shoot. Jet loved it. I found the 3D glasses we got from seeing Harry Potter, popped out the lenses, and we had nerd glasses.

His skills in funny-face making are skyrocketing, thanks to my dedicated training.

What's the term for the opposite of a Jesus freak? Cuz, I found one! This was on the way to our bug-hunting it's not totally random.

Here she is, my friends! I've never seen a red dragonfly.

Ms. Dragonfly loved the camera. She posed for long periods of time, occasionally flying off, only to return and land a few inches away. Paris Hilton bug. "What? You want my picture again? Well....okay. " :: POSE::

She gave me the eye. "You ain't got nuttin' on me."

Here comes my inner-nerd.

I loved looking at this dragonfly. Dragonflies never land long enough to get a good look at, let alone ones this unique. Later, when I downloaded my pics and could zoom in, I was more amazed. Look at those wings, and all the little details! The shine, colors, textures, the delicacy. Whenever I look around, especially when I look closely, the beauty and majesty of this world blows me away. Just the other day, I was looking at the orange I was eating and thought, "Wow, this is so amazing. Look at all the pockets of juice, just within one wedge!" Heavenly Father did not overlook one detail. I'm so grateful.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fern Ridge Trail, Bite of Eugene, Date Night

Chad works on Saturdays, so it's not techinically part of the weekend for our family. (He has Sun/Mon off) But this Saturday, I said, "It's Saturday, and I'm going to act like it's a Saturday, darnit! So Jet and I are going on an adventure!" I whipped out my Eugene/Springfield Bike Map, and looked for a path I had never taken.

We biked the Fern Ridge Trail for the first time. It follows Amazon Creek. I started at Bertelsen Nature Park, and followed the trail until Royal Ave. The most beautiful parts were after we passed Beltline and Danebo, where Amazon Creek starts to widen. Bridges, meadows, and herons abound along the whole path. It was the perfect morning getaway and start to my self-proclaimed 3-day weekend.

Jet being goofy.
I only have a few pics of Dakota and me, so I decided we needed more. I love my Koda, Kody-Boat, Miss Princess, Perdy Doggy Poopsums!
That night, Chad got off late, but we went for a night trip to the EWEB fountains. We heard a lot of drum music in the background, and saw festive lights across the river. Curious, we went to Alton Baker.
We caught the tail-end of Bite of Eugene. Local restaurants and caterers have booths with small portions of what they usually serve. It's the perfect way to sample different cuisines and restaurants in very little time. I was so mad we missed it. But, this drum band was playing! Yahoo!
There I was, the lights shining, waving my camera around in the air. The coolest part was that I was in Eugene, and no one thought it was weird. I could have started African dancing in front of the drum band, and no one would have cared. Next time!
Then they brought in the fire dancers.
Jet got kissed on the Lochmead Cow
Later in the weekend, we made a trip to Fern Ridge Reservoir. And, I SWAM!!!! I LOVE swimming in the lake, but we rarely go. I floated like a belly-up fish forever! Heavenly.

I finally finished the alterations on this dress. LOVE IT.

Chad and I tried kumquats for the first time. They're basically mini-oranges, but you eat them whole. Quite the rush, actually. Tang-whabang! They were oddly delicious. Chad thought otherwise.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer, we need to talk.

Dear Summertime,

You should know that I love you. I can't get enough of you. Throughout my life, I've known we've had so much in common. We both love adventure, swimming, long bike rides, skipping rocks, fresh fruits, exploring new places, eating anything that tastes great with a squeeze of lemon on it, and lounging poolside. But, for some reason, you always abandon me after a few short months. Was I not funny enough? Was my felicity annoying?

Do we really need to see other people every year? We go so well together. Every one else loves you too. Are you trying to always leave us wanting more? Are you just a tease, never staying long enough to go on that last little getaway to the beach?

The others pale in comparison. Autumn is lovely for the first month, then she's so gloomy once the leaves fall. Winter always outstays her welcome, thinking we can't get enough. Spring is always stuck in the mud. You're so cheerful, a bit hot-tempered occasionally, but I love it. I won't deny that Winter and Autumn throw some great parties, but parties only last so long, and then they leave us waiting impatiently for you.

I promise we'll have so much fun together. Just stay a little longer this year. Or a few months longer. Mkay? Okay. You're always so agreeable, dahling.

Love always, Jessica

Unfortunately, it's been very cloudy this summer, so not all these photos showcase Miss Summer in her best light.

Is a four leaf clover still lucky if a bug gorged himself on it?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Jet's Mustache Party!

Jet is officially two years old!

We played, "Pin the Mustache on the Man." I looked for pictures online for the man, and just painted him. When looking for mustache inspiration, I came across so many hilarious mustaches, that I had to make a unique mustache for everyone. I was cracking myself up while trying them all on.

We named the gentleman, Fitzwilliam, after Mr. Darcy.

The mustache selection.

If anyone doesn't want there picture on here, let me know, and I'll take it off. But, these were too awesome not to share!

I think Jet pulls off the mustache very well.

I made Red Velvet Cake. It has a lot of buttermilk in it...which I loved. The cake wasn't too sweet, and was really moist. I don't even like cake that much but I liked this one.

Later, David, Connor, Colby and Jet had sword and mallet fights with some of his new toys.

Jet really swatted Connor. Yikes.