Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Friday, July 8, 2011


I was looking for a new place to take the dogs out, and I passed by a train with the coolest graffiti on it. I consider some graffiti to be really interesting. Yeah, I know, I'm probably advertising gang signs or secret plots to rob Springfield's Main Strip, but it's pretty. There was enough room for the dogs to play, sort of. I admit, it was a dumb idea to let my dogs play around train tracks, and my almost two-year-old, but the aqua-blue spray paint and nostalgic train was beckoning, and I had my camera with me. It wasn't until we were almost done that I found the NO TRESPASSING sign. Oooops. They really should have made it more conspicuous. But, it was posted on this small building, so maybe it just meant not to go inside that. I decided it to was best to vamoose. So, I had Jet say his goodbyes to the trains, and off we went. I have discovered that if he says bye to whatever we're leaving, then he goes without a fight, for the most part. It has worked wonders in stores. "We need to go, Jet, say bye bye to the basketball." "Bye Bye basketball." And we're off. AMAZING.

Nice mo-hawk and scowl, dude. Then Jet says, "Mom, is a FAUX-hawk, and it's just the wind. I didn't even have to style it, my hair just does it from sheer awesomeness." I say, "Okay Bud, but only while we're in the Springfield slums."

It was fun, but I was glad to escape without getting in trouble, or having one of us get squashed by a sweet little choo choo train. It was our wee adventure for the day.

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