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Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer, we need to talk.

Dear Summertime,

You should know that I love you. I can't get enough of you. Throughout my life, I've known we've had so much in common. We both love adventure, swimming, long bike rides, skipping rocks, fresh fruits, exploring new places, eating anything that tastes great with a squeeze of lemon on it, and lounging poolside. But, for some reason, you always abandon me after a few short months. Was I not funny enough? Was my felicity annoying?

Do we really need to see other people every year? We go so well together. Every one else loves you too. Are you trying to always leave us wanting more? Are you just a tease, never staying long enough to go on that last little getaway to the beach?

The others pale in comparison. Autumn is lovely for the first month, then she's so gloomy once the leaves fall. Winter always outstays her welcome, thinking we can't get enough. Spring is always stuck in the mud. You're so cheerful, a bit hot-tempered occasionally, but I love it. I won't deny that Winter and Autumn throw some great parties, but parties only last so long, and then they leave us waiting impatiently for you.

I promise we'll have so much fun together. Just stay a little longer this year. Or a few months longer. Mkay? Okay. You're always so agreeable, dahling.

Love always, Jessica

Unfortunately, it's been very cloudy this summer, so not all these photos showcase Miss Summer in her best light.

Is a four leaf clover still lucky if a bug gorged himself on it?



You need to move to California :)

Your pics are really nice.

Alysha said...

I am "following" you now. :) Your photos are beautiful and you are hilarious. I hope Summer takes you up on the offer and lingers a little longer this year.