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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Best Dressed

I know a lady who has had the same outfit for 10 years, and wears it to church every other Sunday. It still looks new. The world would scorn on her, saying she’s outdated and needs a makeover, but I think she’s sensational. I think it takes discipline, humility, and a strong sense of self to do what she has done. I think she looks beautiful, and should be commended.

This is coming from a person who among her top 5 shows is What Not to Wear, the show that tells you your appearance plays a major role in how you’re perceived by everyone else, and how you perceive yourself. I think that is true, in part. I love to see the makeoveries come out so confident and see how much kinder the world is to them, how much brighter their future looks, and how they’ve learned they need to take care of themselves because they’re worth it.

But this woman has surpassed all that. She doesn’t need anyone to tell her she is beautiful or important, she already knows she is, and a new dress isn’t going to make any difference. Her and her husband have led a frugal life full of service, and I can think of no luxuries they have. She has always wanted a motorboat, but even after being married almost 50 years, they still cannot afford it. It seems a pretty reasonable life goal, to have a boat. If someone really wants a boat in this life, they should be able to get eventually. She pines for it in a humorous way, knowing it’s not that big of a deal.

Personally, I still love getting a new dress on occasion, but I admire this woman for truly understanding what is important in life, and what isn’t. She’s among the best dressed ladies I’ve ever seen.

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