Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Project Amazing Summer: Initiated

This weekend was the bomb diggity bombspice (this is Busy Bee Lauren Lingo, check her out in my links).

It was perfect. You know how I was talking how things never turn out as great as I hope? Well, this turned out betta!

It started off with a little grocery trip to get root beer float makings.

Buckin' Root Beer has a kick in the aftertaste, but it's not a very tasty one. Just so ya know.

Then Chad and I stayed up watching Just Go With It. Loved it, but we were kinda loopy at the time, so it may have contributed to the funniness...but maybe not. And, I actually stayed awake....props 4 me.

4th of July was amazeballs.

After a relaxed morning, we went on a picnic to eat my homemade, off-the-cuff, wraps. Delish.

Afterwards, we went to my parents', where I challenged my Mum to a game of PIG. We were both majorly rusty, and laughed at how many times we missed. Later, after I had warmed up, Chad challenged me to a game. You could call it a...uh......hmmmmm.....what's the word.....oh yeah, SMACKDOWN! Yessiree, I beat Chad Durfee at PIG, fair and square. Well, he didn't take any 3-point shots, but still. It was legit, because I made a hook shot.

Then, ice cream cones!
At the Durfee's, we did BBQ and fireworks.

Connor is so much fun! He comes up with the funniest stuff. I love this guy.

Jet looks atypically bored, it cracks me up. Colby just got done with a bike ride, hence the helmet.
Lindsay has all the crazy pics of us playing catch with sparklers, holding them between our bum cheeks, putting sparklers in Connor's helmet, David having sparklers poking out his shoes, and whatever other random stuff we could come up with.

In the morning, I told myself that I must ride a bike while holding a sparkler before the day was over, so I did.



ohhhhh that BQ looks soooooo good, and so do your wraps!!!!! sounds like a fun day! glad you had a great 4th! love you!

Lindsay Marchant said...

Great pics Jess! Who is that gorgeous girl in red?? I am glad you had a great day. I am also glad you beat Chad! I still remember the first time I beat Chad (It was rock climbing and I reached the top and he could not!), it was momentous!