Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Friday, February 4, 2011

Enjoying the weather, and life

It has felt more like April than January lately.....whoops, FEBRUARY. Lovin' it. last post I was a bit melancholy, and looking on the negative side of things. I feel so much better. Thank you for all your support. I just haven't felt like myself for the past few weeks...but now I feel like I'm back and better than ever. I forgot how to enjoy the life that I have. Instead, I had been thinking about the life I didn't have. My life is wonderful, and fabulous, and full of love. I just needed to remember that. I may not have a career, technically, but I do have a career in being a great mom, wife and person. I recently signed up for a parenting class. I'm SOOOO excited because it's a class specifically for raising 1 year olds.

Also, I'm sorry if my last post offended anyone. I could see how it could have made other people feel bad, and I'm sorry if it did.

So, here are some pics of our little adventure yesterday. We had this park all to ourselves. It was warm and dry enough to really enjoy.

This is one of the first times he had gone down a slide by himself. He was so proud that he clapped for himself.

I found a fun feature on my camera, so I was able to get this action shot of Trigger. It cracks me up. He loves to jump and bound.
My artsy photo. I'm really enjoying photography because it's something I can do WITH Jet. I can take pics of him, I can take walks with him while taking photos of what we come across. It allows us to both be engaged in something. Ever notice that a swing is shaped like a smile? Gol, that's corny.
Then I went and talked to this charming donkey. He was most friendly, and then all his pals started traipsing over to say hi too. They were all so fuzzy and poofy. Goodness, they made me so cheery. I still have a childlike love for seeing animals.

We all had a ball, including the dogs, who found a creek to go swimming in. They got baths later.