Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let's be random, shall we?

 Today, I just feel like posting.  So, enjoy that random rantings.  Huzzah!

Above photo, Harvest Landing.  I have taken the dogs and Jet there in the mornings a few times.  GORGEOUS in the fall. WOW!  The river is even bluer.  But, Jet is a hit or miss with taking the dogs out.  Sometimes he has the time of his life.  We had a major puddle stomping session the other day.   (reminded me of you, Erica, remember?)  We were such crazy free-spirits, I only hope someone was watching, because that would have made my day seeing people act like they were in a musical, in real life.  But then there are times that don't work out, like when there are tractors at Dorris Ranch, and he's horrified the whole time, and says "TOO LOUD" for an hour straight.  But, it's get us outside, and that's good.  
 Here's Jet being a goof at the mall.  In the past month, this guy has gotten 5 times goofier.  I would not be surprised if he's the class clown one day.  He goes around the house in his Iron Man mask, with a giant sword, and a golf club bag.  He sits in laundry baskets.  All kinds of random, hilarious stuff.  He gets timid around other kids, so I'm taking him to the mall more.  He's getting much more confident.
 Here's my little ode to fall. 

 Darn this tree!!!  2 and 1/2 hours of raking yesterday, and that was only half of it.  Curses!  Plus, it drops sap on our car, so we can't even park in our own driveway.  It's gotta go.  Sorry tree.  You're gorg, but such high-maintenance.  You're the trophy tree that's too hot to handle.  We're just not ready for you.

I'll try to make it brief.  So, to start where I left off.  I set a humane trap, and caught a mouse.  HURRAH!  Chad let it free for me, even though he wanted to keep it.  So, we thought we were done.  Nope.  New mouse doody found.  CHARMING!  So, I set the humane trap.  3 days.  NOTHING!  Move the trap, new bait, yadda yadda. NOTHING.  Mousy isn't falling for it.   I start having dreams about mice invading our house, and other scavenger like creatures ruling over me.  Very planet-of-the-apes-esque.  So, I set some inhumane traps.  After all, they could take over the world!  I caught one in a few hours.  I set the trap all by my lonesome, and disposed of it too.  I couldn't not tell Chad.  He was highly disappointed in me, saying it was an innocent creature etc, which I agreed with, but not when we can't catch it any other way.  So, we're done.  No.  Please don't think we're trashy, dirty people.  It's our first winter in this house, and we're learning how to keep these buggers out.  So, a few nights later, we're putting Jet to bed, and I see a mouse scurry into his closet.  Long story short, Chad amazingly caught it in a bowl.  That's the above picture.  We set it free.  It was fun watching it for 5 minutes.  So, Chad was happy.  We didn't hurt it, it was free.  So, the next day I spent hours sanitizing everything.  UGH!!  Then, I find a fresh turd.  ARG!!!!!  I want to get rid of these things.  I set inhumane traps.  5 minutes before Chad gets home, there is a mouse caught, but only by its leg.  Its leg is broken.  I feel terrible.  This is just what Chad didn't want.  I go set it free outside, and it barely hobbles along.  I can't kill it.  What do I do???!!  Chad comes home, I'm crying, and I HAVE to tell him.  It may sound crazy that I was crying, but I felt SOOOO TERRIBLE.  He goes and rescues the mouse, and makes a little home for it in a plastic container.  The next day Chad got a real mouse cage.  We had a pet mouse.   It was cute, I'll admit, but I haven't posted about it 'til now out of embarrassment.  I felt good about saving the poor thing.  Chad even called the vet, and researched painkillers for an animal softie.  The mouse would either live or die, and there wasn't much we could do.  A few days later, I couldn't find him in his cage, so I lifted the lid, and spotted him.  I put the lid back on, but couldn't get all the clamps down.  It was still really tight, so I didn't worry.  The next day, Chad went to clean his cage, and he was gone.  LOL!!!  Broken leg and all, he made it out of that thing.  Obviously, it didn't like our hospitality.  Sorry hun.  So, after all that work of trying to catch mice humanely, and it TOTALLY backfiring, Chad finally agreed to inhumane traps.  We have caught two.  None of them looked like "Lucky" (yes, Chad named the mouse (before he escaped)).  And we haven't caught any more since.  Oi.  No planet-of-the-mice dreams lately either.   
And, I finally got a picture by this lovely.  yay.