Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just Keep Swimming! and Baby bjorn know on Finding Nemo where Dory keeps singing, Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming? The moral being, just keep going and eventually it will get better, and you'll find Nemo. This has been my mantra for the past.....WHILE. JUST KEEP SWIMMING! It will get will get better. I've had the same job for the past 3 years, and go figure it has never been this crazy busy until I'm pregnant, trying to get ready for a baby, and Chad is trying to look for full-time work next year. Sometimes I wish I could turn off my emotions....and be Data from Star Trek....meaning, have no emotions...and yes, I can't believe I made a Star Trek reference....holy dorkus.....but I honestly haven't watched Star Trek in years, since I was about 10...but I still love Patrick one wears bald so well. Anyway.......for now, the plan is....just keep swimming, and we'll be just fine. advice....need expertise regarding baby carrier thingies.

I know I need one of those baby carriers, for my job, and also cuz I like to get out and go places. I know I will use it A LOT! So, I've been looking around, and am totally clueless. Obviously, the Baby Bjorn is famous for being fabulous....but why is it $80 when other carriers that are similar are $30? Is it worth the investment? What about Snugli, or Infantino carriers? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

I will give a better update later.....sorry....don't be hatin'.