Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Weekend in Portland, part 1

Last weekend was my first half marathon.  It was in Hillsboro, so we decided to make a trip out of it.  Everything was perfection.  Honestly, it was just everything we wanted in a little getaway, and looking back, we haven't taken a real "vacation" for a LONG time, as in, actually staying the night somewhere.  It felt so long just being there less than 2 days total.  haha. 

-drove to hotel late at night, after Chad got off work.  crashed.

-woke up early to feed Aijah....who did not go back to sleep, and woke up Jet too. eek.
-Kara picked me up for the half.  SO happy we're in this together.  So much fun!!!!
-Half marathon (nervous, because I didn't follow a training schedule, and I probably tapered too much, and I didn't really know my, I set a goal of 7:50 pace, would be very happy with 7:55, but try for 7:45 at times and see how it feels)
       -1st 3.5 miles, felt sluggish and heavy but kept a good pace.  Felt nice to be running after      tapering...but was wondering it my legs would wake up. 
       -After 3.5 miles, boom, burners were lit!  I was relieved.  Alright, now I feel better.
       -Miles 4-8, got all groovy to songs on my ipod, lip-singing, a little arm-swaying and head-bobbing, enjoyed the country scenery.  Hey, gotta long way to go, better enjoy it before it gets hard.
        -Miles 9-11, starting to count down the distance to go, not enough energy left to be silly singing songs.  Keep telling myself I'm so glad it's not a marathon, and there are only 4, 3, 2, miles left.  Keep pace.  Just keep going.  Must keep going.  
         -Mile 12, Try to distract myself as much as possible with Lady gaga music.  Just 2 more miles.  Just 2 more.  That's nothin', come on.  Huff puff puff.  So done!
         -Mile 13, willpower.  JUST KEEPING GOING>  KEEP PACE.  WANT TO STOP!!!  Wow....I can't believe I'm still going at the right pace.  Looking at my watch A LOT.  Occasional feelings of, "I can do this, but it SUCKS!  So excited to be done."  Keep picturing the finish.  Where is the balloon arch?  Rounding corner after corner.....where is the FRICKIN' BALLOON ARCH???!!!!  Next corner?  NO!  This corner?  No!!!  AHHHhhhh.  Where are Chad and the kids?  Scanning, scanning.....dying, dying.  So CLOSE!  The archway!!! It says, "START"  Huh???  Keep going.  See the screen, 1:43:??  Yay, under 1:45!  Done!  I CAN STOP!!!! I can stop!  I'm done.  I'm done.  OIIIIii yoi yoi!  Water!  Pour over self.  Gotta pee!!!!  Tipsy.  Breathing slowing down.  DONE!  I did it!  7:50 pace, 1:43:15....give or take a few seconds.  Suzi finds me!  YAY!!

To be continued.....gotta get ready for church. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Trying new things

I've been trying to decide on a new physical fitness goal, now that my half marathon is practically here....but what?  I've been considering a triathlon, but certainly didn't want to sign up for anything until I went swimming.  So, this morning, not knowing what workout to do, I decided I needed to get to the pool, so I could figure out if a triathlon would be part of this summer.

Well, first, what a pain to get ready, packed, and dressed.  The minutes ticked passed, slowly.  I tried to stay positive, making sure I gave it a good shot.  Breathing: You can't breath when you want.  You have to hold your breath between strokes.  ug.  Location: Ugly pool, no sun, no trees, no trail, just this boring ol' lane BACK and FORTH.  Back and Forth.  Wow....this looks  It's worse than a treadmill.  You're just looking at water and tile.  For a bit, my mind wandered.  I was just imagining a triathlon.  No wall to take a break on?  Open, choppy water?  45 minute workouts, twice a week to get ready for the race?  Yes, it would be doable, but I would dread it.  I felt like I wasn't really getting a good workout, because the faster I went, the more breathes I needed, and I would have to lift my head up all the time, making the water choppier.  No music.  I did 15 minutes.  Yeah, not a lot, but I was just SO DONE.  I just wanted to run.    

Verdict.  If I were at an outdoor pool and I had some underwater earphones for music, it would be much better.  I would def need music to train for the tri.  That would make a BIG difference.  But for summer, how sad to be swimming inside, and not enjoying the weather.  The outdoor pool around here is a bit of a drive....but that would be awesome in summer.  Refreshing, glistening.  Then, with music.  I could get in a rhythm.  But indoors, wasting short-lived summer time?  Heck NO!  So, research prices at Amazon and Echo Hollow.  Ok.  We'll see.      

The best part....the comment the elderly lady I shared a lane with said when I was done.

"Staying in shape is a B*$#^.  Especially when you're my age."  LOL!!!!! 

When I got home, I felt like i hadn't even gotten a workout, and I needed to for my I went out for 4 miles.  MUCH NEEDED.  My element, my zone, my confident spot.  Beautiful day.  My legs were heavy though. 

But with swimming, I realize a big part of the reason I didn't like it was because it was unfamiliar.  I was on the swim team in 3rd grade, and that's it.  With music, outdoors, and some practice, it could be okay.  We'll see.  Now to try a long bike ride....outside.  I really don't know what I'm doing.  Eeeks.  Well, never know 'til you try.        

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Little Bit O' Catchin' Up

The past few days have been simply wonderful.  Right now, I'm warm and comfy in bed, sitting next to my little boy who is napping with his hands under his head.  Aijah just went down for a nap.  For 5 minutes I just ran my fingers through Jet's hair and over the curves of his face, thinking about all the things I love about him.  So precious.  Last week was rough, but this week has been heaven sent.  Highlights.

Today (awesome):
-Ran on a new path across from Weyerhauser.  Have been curious about it for years.  Passed the river several times.  Need a new playlist.  Hoedown Throwdown isn't doing it for me anymore...bummer. 
-Got grocery shopping done early to make room for a longer adventure with kids and pups.
-Cooked, cleaned, mothered, fed, and got everyone ready and out the door for our trip.
-Went to the "tire swing spot."  Perfect weather.  Happy family.  We hiked.  We swung.  We ate PBJs.  We photoed.  We sat in the grass.  We climbed up hills and ran down them. 
-Looked for a planter at BRING.  No luck....decided to run another errand a different day.
-Came home, snacked on cantalope, read books, and fell asleep.
-Watched some Rachael Ray.  Clinton Kelly, let's be friends. 
-Took a bath with Aijah...she's squirmy....AND SLIPPERY!
-Ate tons of stir-fry and a 2 bowls of sugary cereal (Game On is OVER!)
Here I am

Over the past week:
-Date night:  Mucho Gusto, Armitage Park stroll at sunset, Market of Choice eclairs
-Sisters home for the weekend!  Voodoo donuts and Hendricks Park.  Long walk by 42nd.  Lots of catching up and just feelin' good being together.  : )
-Picnic lunch with Mumsie by the river
-9 mile run on a country road in the sun, sorted out all my thoughts
-Dinner w/Durfee family at Round Table

Sure I'm missing stuff.

Remodeling the house.  Chad took off all the sheet-rock on the central wall in our house.  Open concept design....yay!!!  Much to come.  Ai yai yai!  Why can't I wrap my head around how much work it's all gonna be?  I really need to get my attitude in order.  I am dragging my feet.  Okay, Jess, it's gonna be a pain in the booty, but seriously, GET TO WORK!  Stop worrying and wondering, and just start doing, you pansy!  The more you put off now, the worse it will be later.  1 goal every day.  Start checkin' em' off.  Self peptalk.  I've noticed, when I'm hard on myself, it helps me the most.  lol.  GET CRAP DONE!  Then I'm a zombie at night and crash, but ol' well.