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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crazy Animal Lovers, but one is crazier than the other

Yesterday, I saw a mouse scurry across our kitchen and dining room floor.  After the initial freak out, I thought he was actually really cute.  Maybe I've watched Ratatouille too many times, I don't know.  I've never had that reaction before.  But really, it was so small and fluffy and cute, and had a bounce in his step as he scuttled along.

Last night, I told Chad the news, so that he could set a few traps.  I'm sure if I set one that I'll snap my fingers off, so it's his job.   In our almost 7 years of marriage, we have had to kill 3 mice, and I have set 1 trap, and it was mega-scary, and I think it was a fluke that I made it out safely. 

Well, Chad's animal lovingness has reached new heights.  It has soared above the eagle's nests, over the Amazon treetops, and way out of this atmosphere.

He told me that he wants to trap it humanely, and keep it as a pet!!!  He thinks it would be so fun to watch it.  He said that after awhile, we could set it free in a big field.  Then he immediately started researching it online, and found out what we would need, what we could feed it, what treats it likes, and that many other people do this.

Chad, NO!!!  Seriously?  You expect me to say yes?

He said, "Well, I'm not catching it if I can't keep it."

GASP!  NO!!!!!

I can't set a trap for this thing.  I feel too guilty.  The last time we trapped one, it took it a few minutes to die.  It was horrible.  It was wheezing, and its eyes were bulging.  Ha ha TMI.  So, I'll be buying some type of humane trap today, and hopefully I catch it before Chad does.

I just had to share because I know my family will laugh their heads off because this is SO CHAD!    

Chad, I love you.  But sometimes, I think you're the crazy one.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Redeemed by R.R.

So, a few months ago I wrote about how I'm a bad cook, mostly saying that I have to rely on good recipes to make good food.

First off, I have redeemed myself....according to myself and Chad.

Second,  I have totally misjudged Rachael Ray.  When we got married, I got one of her cookbooks, I tried one recipe (mostly because the ingredients were spendy) and it tasted blah. (probably because I really didn't know what I was doing at the time).  Then, a foodie friend of mine said she didn't trust Rachael Ray's cooking because of her weird food pairings.  Then I watched a few episodes of 30-minute meals, and it always sounded like she had a cold.  So, I unofficially decided that she wasn't that great of a cook.


Over the past few months, I have been getting her magazine at the library, picking out the cheapest recipes, and making them.  Every single one (I've tried about 15 now) has been delicious.  So, delicious, I don't want to stop eating when I'm full.  Chad is so impressed too.  It's by far the best cooking I've ever done.  She just adds a few things that other recipes leave out, and it makes a HUGE difference!  I don't have to be scared about trying a new recipe, worried if it will be terrible or not.  They're all good!

Sorry Cooking Light, your recipes have failed me too many times.  I love that you're healthy, but hubster no likey, and even I admit that I've only eaten 1 delicious recipe out of the 20 that I've tried. (amazing crab cakes)  I've learned I'd rather have a recipe be a little bit fattier, and taste great, than light, and taste okay to me, and almost bad to Chad.  You just have to eat a little less.  Fat isn't bad if it fits within a balanced diet.

Rachael Ray, your food rocks.
Mom, I would LOVE a subscription to Rachael Ray magazine for Christmas, so I don't have to make tons of photocopies before returning it to the library every time.

On the 28th, our ward is having a chili cook-off, and I think I'm going to win.  The Bishop will be dethroned from his 3-year chili-king title.  I'll let you know if I get a crown.   (seriously, it's the perfect mix of sweet and spicy, with tons of fresh ingredients.  All Chad's coworkers said it was the best chili they had ever had)  We'll see!  Last year, I made it, but I got the date wrong, and no one was at the  The real night, I burned it because I was trying out a new pretty pot.  I hate stainless steel....give me Teflon any day.