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Monday, June 30, 2008

The scoop, the skinny, the latest

I have honestly been wanting to post for a long time, but my camera isn't uploading pics to the computer, and I have tons of cool pics to go with the posts, but ol' well. Pics will come later.

The race. It was groovy. Chad's family and my dad came to support me. Awesome. I had made a killer playlist for my ipod to make the race really fun and pump me up, but when the race started and I pushed play, NO MUSIC!!!! We're talking Rocky soundtrack, killer oldies, and everything that makes me hit the burners. I kept fiddling with it for the first mile, but after that, I let it go. I had nothing to distract me from my loud breathing, my fatigued legs, or the thud of every step pounding the pavement. Lame! But, I was able to finish as the 3rd female overall. BOOYAH!

Travel. I went to visit my sister Nicole is Bellevue/Seattle. 'Twas fantastic. I LOVE TO TRAVEL. I love going new places, seeing new things, getting the feel of different places, eating different cuisines. The city was beautiful. It's like waterworld. Everything was surrounded by water, there were tons of fountains....seriously, fountains galore, I should have brought tons of pennies for wishing. It was awesome. Pike's Market, the Space Needle, Downtown Shops, Beautiful Parks, Tasty Food.....the pics will do more explaining. Bellevue is "growing like a weed" as Choles would say. Everything was so new, fresh, and modern. It was charming. So when I got home, it made me want to make my own place that way.

Home Improvement Projects. Chad and I have been working on this covered outdoor patio area in the backyard. We're almost done, and as every improvement project, it took longer than anticipated. But, it's looking great and we can't wait to hang out back there and eat yummy food.

I redid the dining room. It needed it. It just felt kinda dirty to me, I wasn't enjoying it, and every good cook needs a rockin' place to eat their food. Hello! So, paint it I did. For $30, it feels 100 times better. I also did some really sweet artwork. Oh my goodness, I love the dining room now. It feels more clean, more relaxing, and more sophisticated. When you work at home, it's important to enjoy your environment.....don'tcha think?

Cooking/Baking. I have officially developed a love for cooking. It rules! I love to work in the kitchen. I love trying new recipes. I'm dying to get better and better. I seriously want to go to culinary school. I love looking through recipes, watching cooking shows, chopping with my awesome knives, zesting, making a big mess in the kitchen, the smell of garlic roasting in olive oil, everything. I even like cleaning afterward....well, I don't love it, but I find a weird enjoyment in it. I just like using my hands and being in the kitchen and getting stuff done. Recently I made Chilean Empanadas.....MMmmmmm. Seriously, I couldn't stop eating them.....I need to half the recipe next time.

Okay, later.