Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Morning Run

Just finished a morning run, and I'm feeling good.

I caught the sunrise, right over the river.  I don't know if I'll catch it after daylight savings, we'll see.  It was gorgeous.  All the colors reflected off the water.  Then I ran by the hospital, and noticed someone's lights were on (where the nurses park) so i ran into the hospital to let them know.  DOn't know if it helped, but at least I did a good deed.  Yay.  On the way home, facing west, there was a pink tinted rainbow.  So many beautiful sights this morning.  I'm so grateful for a healthy body.  I know it's such a blessing.

During the run, I had a thought about handcuffing Chad's wrist to mine during the Turkey Stuffer, so he can't pass me.  But later I thought, what if he's the slow one, and ruins my time?  LOL!

Last Saturday I ran with the dogs. I haven't done that in a long time.  So fun. Trigger never gets tired, but Dakota started getting smart, and noticed I would run out one way, and come back the same way, so she would just start to wait for me to come back every time, AND THEN run a loop with me on a different part.  I really pushed her.  I ever thought, wow, if I did this more often, she could finally lose weight....but then she snuck Chad's breakfast off the table that morning, and then stole Jet's apple from my nightstand....and she got into a bag of something or other.  You can't leave food out for a second around here.  If Jet ever leaves his food cuz he has to pee he tells me, "Keep it safe, so Dakota doesn't get it."  Then he'll come back and say, "Did you keep it safe?"

Saturday, I had the best runner's high ever.  It lasted over an hour after my run.  I was ridiculously giddy.  Chad can attest.  : )  I just love running in the morning.  And Chad isn't even awake yet! 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Life is Good

Okay, you know those bumper stickers that say, " Life is Good"?  I used to love them 7 years ago.  But then life got hard, and then harder, and harder, and I started not liking those stickers so much.  I thought, "Yeah, yeah, life is good, but gosh, life really sucks too."  I was getting cynical.  Well, life can really suck, but I gotta say, my life feels pretty darn great right now, and those sucky times make me really appreciate it, and make it so much sweeter.  Not that my life life has EVER been that sucky, at all, but right now, things are awesome.  AWESOME. I wake up every day feeling so good and happy.  I have lots of energy and motivation to get things done. I'm efficient, I'm studly (in my head), I'm a go-getter.  Chad has a great job that he likes and excels at, we have enough time to be together, and even both work-out every day.  We love Jet and Aijahlyn so much, and they bring us so much joy.  We have a warm, comfortable home.  We live in the perfect spot for going out for a run, and feeling safe, yet alone amid beautiful scenery.  There are so many things at this point in our lives, that are just wonderful, and make me believe in that dumb "Life is Good," sticker.  I"m not trying to flaunt or be obnoxious, and frankly I know something terrible must be coming around the pike, but for now, I'm just gonna relish life's loveliness.

I love being home.  2 years ago, I wrote a post about how I was a bit torn about staying at home.  But now, I LOVE IT!  I love my "job."  There isn't a better job.  I love being at home with my two adorable kids.  I love that I have time to cook and try new recipes, and enjoy being in the kitchen.  I love that we can go exploring every day, whenever we want.   I don't have to wait for a lunchbreak or a weekend.  I love that I can stay in my sweats on days where I just want to get the house in order.  I love that different days I can focus on different projects or ideas.  Friday, I just wanted to spend quality time with Jet, so I did.  We put up this really UGLY poster (that he loves) in his room, and drew pictures from it, and put curtains around his bed to make it a fort, and made butternut squash soup together.  The day before, I fixed up Aijah's room with chinese lanterns.  Both Jet and Aijah were in her crib, almost cheek to cheek, staring up at the lanterns.  So cute!  I love being a home-maker.  I like (Chad, please don't use this against me) cleaning the house.  LOL!  It sounds so dumb, but I do.  I love going as fast I can and dashing from room to room, and putting the dirty clothes in the right bins, and cleaning off the bathroom counter in seconds!  Ha!  But, then it takes WAY longer because you get interrupted a bazillion times.  I love folding the laundry while watching a dvr-ed Dr. OZ!  LOL!  I"m laughing at myself.  I love putting my sweatshirt on in the morning and drinking tea while catching up on blogs.  There are so many wonderful decaf teas out there now....vanilla chai, vanilla comoro, pumpkin spice, thai chai, cinnamon vanilla, ah man, add some sweetness and a little cream, and I'm blissful.  At night, I love making homemade popcorn and experimenting with flavors (pumpkin pie spice, lemon-thyme, smoked paprika, rosemary-parmesan) and then plopping down on the couch with my family, with our feet on pillows, sharing a blanket with Jet, holding Aijah, and laughing our heads off at "Practical Jokers."  Every day I get to do things that make me so happy, and I get to decide what to do.  Ofcourse, there are crazy days, where you're the clean-up patrol: spills, spills, spills, or messy dogs paws, or gluing broken piggy banks back together piece by piece, or baby blow-outs requiring a hose-down....but really, no biggie.

Anyway, I have been putting off blogging because we're having photo issues, but I don't want to put it off anymore.  There are too many things I want to remember, and cherish.  So, sorry, no pics.  But, who cares?  I'd rather have a post w/o pics, than no post.