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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Morning Run

Just finished a morning run, and I'm feeling good.

I caught the sunrise, right over the river.  I don't know if I'll catch it after daylight savings, we'll see.  It was gorgeous.  All the colors reflected off the water.  Then I ran by the hospital, and noticed someone's lights were on (where the nurses park) so i ran into the hospital to let them know.  DOn't know if it helped, but at least I did a good deed.  Yay.  On the way home, facing west, there was a pink tinted rainbow.  So many beautiful sights this morning.  I'm so grateful for a healthy body.  I know it's such a blessing.

During the run, I had a thought about handcuffing Chad's wrist to mine during the Turkey Stuffer, so he can't pass me.  But later I thought, what if he's the slow one, and ruins my time?  LOL!

Last Saturday I ran with the dogs. I haven't done that in a long time.  So fun. Trigger never gets tired, but Dakota started getting smart, and noticed I would run out one way, and come back the same way, so she would just start to wait for me to come back every time, AND THEN run a loop with me on a different part.  I really pushed her.  I ever thought, wow, if I did this more often, she could finally lose weight....but then she snuck Chad's breakfast off the table that morning, and then stole Jet's apple from my nightstand....and she got into a bag of something or other.  You can't leave food out for a second around here.  If Jet ever leaves his food cuz he has to pee he tells me, "Keep it safe, so Dakota doesn't get it."  Then he'll come back and say, "Did you keep it safe?"

Saturday, I had the best runner's high ever.  It lasted over an hour after my run.  I was ridiculously giddy.  Chad can attest.  : )  I just love running in the morning.  And Chad isn't even awake yet! 

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