Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


IT's DONE!!! Okay....once I found out I was having a boy, all my ideas for the baby room were out the window. I HAD TONS OF GIRLY ideas....but NO boy ideas. And it took forever to decide on what I wanted. So....after browsing online for far too long, I was still stuck. Then I talked to my sister Nicole (interior designer) about my ideas, and she helped me narrow down what I really wanted, and what I didn't. Which led me to, light blue walls, trees, and animal silhouettes all with orange or kiwi accents. This spring, I was really inspired by the trees, and how their new leaves and blossoms represented birth and newness, like a new baby. Trees also represent family...think, family tree. So, I wanted that in the room. I had finished painting the blue and was going to start painting the tree on the wall when Chad tells me he doesn't like the tree or animal thing. What?! My whole design scheme was based around it! And, being pregnant, and stressed, I started crying when he told me he wanted to paint jets on the walls. What? All my planning and brainstorming is going to be ruined with jets? So....I thought about how to incorporate jets into the room....because.....the idea really started to grow on me. Jets are cool, plus, I love the name, Jett. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that if I did all my original ideas, it would be kinda dorky for a boy room....edging into the feminine territory. Jets are "cooler" than animal silhouettes for a boy....lets face it. is how it all turned out. And I NEVER GAVE IN ON THE LEBRON JAMES FATHEAD THAT CHAD WANTED.....THANK YOU!

THE BEFORE....sorry, the room is small, and all these pics are taken with the cam on my computer.

Really, the room was a catch-all room before. If something didn't have a place, it went in here. So these pics are really post-clearing-out of the room.


My tree! I projected the image onto the wall, traced, and painted away. So worth it!

Photo montage....FABULOUS! I love the photos in these....and I just printed them off the internet. The frames were from goodwill and garage sales that I painted white, along with the mats. There are photos of jets, michael jordan, lebron james, blue angels (jets), and some giraffes....all in good taste....not overpowering in the room, but enough to give it a more masculine vibe. I LOVE IT! Almost all of them are silhouettes the original plan. And, the colors go with the room....notice I say go, and not match....because I HATE MATCHY MATCHY>......eeeewwwy ewwwyyy.

Modern night!

Chad got me this giraffe for Valentines Day. The cutest! Then I found the baby at a garage sale! No worries, it's clean and no weird odor!


Thank you everyone for your comments....SO HELPFUL! After all the help, I learned what I wanted and didn't....honestly, I had no idea before, and I probably would have gotten a bad one. Anyway....look at this gem! Craiglist! LOVE IT! So comfortable! Chad found it for $40, and my mom and I went to pick it up ASAP before someone else snagged it. I'm so happy...$40, are you kidding? Upholstered rockers are at least $300 new. And that perfect frog blankee....St. Vinnies....score....and again.....clean and no mysterious aromas....yikes!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I hate the phone. Let me rephrase. I hate talking to people I don't know, or don't know well on the phone. I love talking to Chad on the phone, family etc....but acquaintances or strangers with extreme accents from help lines.....UGH....hate! ('s a very nice form of hate : ) ) I feel so awkward....I dread it. I am scared of the phone....seriously....when it comes to having to call people I'm not really close with.

Right now, I'm supposed to call someone I barely know. I should have called them 2 days ago. I DON'T WANT TO DO's practically a form of torture to me. Darn phone! and I don't mean DARN.....I mean...the borderline bad word. This person is actually quite nice....but I loathe the phone. I hide from it....I completely avoid calls if I don't recognize the number, saying that if it's important, they'll leave a message or call again. About 3/4 of the time when the phone rings I say, "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" in this crabby, masculine, old lady voice before I really answer in a happy tone with, "hello?"

In fact, I am writing this blog right now to avoid calling this person. I fear the phone peeps, it's official....and it's a problem. Did I say how much I LOVE EMAIL? I LOVE EMAIL because it gets me out of talking to people on the phone.

ALRIGHT....I'm going to call this person, and I'm going to hate every second, but then it will be flippin' done.....DARNIT!

Oh, and I did I tell you I just got trained on this new computer program at work, and for the next few months every time I have to input something into the system I have to call my supervisor in Portland and have her watch and critique every key stroke? Yay, can't wait for all that phone time! Just thinking about it has ruined my so-called "vacation" that I'm on....but that's another blog.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rock and Glide

So....I need some advice.

Chad and I have almost all the big stuff for the baby room, except the rocker or glider. But, I'm not sure which way to go. Target and Wal-Mart sell glider rockers I like with nice padding on the arms and back. But, I think it would be cuter to get a glider, paint it white, and cover the pad in the accent color for the room (orange or kiwi....we'll see) ....but there wouldn't be any padding on the arms, and the padding for the bum and back wouldn't be as thick. So, basically, I like the look of one more, but the other seems more comfortable. I love rockers that look like soft chairs, but those are at least $300.

So, what has everyone else used? Do you even rock or glide that often? Does extra padding everywhere make a big difference? Gliders also seem really thin, are they comfy? Do you recommend getting the ottoman too? Could I just use a stationary chair, or would that be crazy?

Friday, April 3, 2009

Good Mornin' Life

Do you ever just wake-up in THE BEST MOOD? I am having one of those mornings....and it's really just a pretty normal morning, but I'm ridiculously cheery. It's Friday, it's the end of a long week, I feel great, I have people I love and who love me, and it's going to be good weather this weekend! So....I think it all officially started when I woke up, and remembered I had Sweet Life leftovers in the fridge. And yeah, I ate them for breakfast......Moooo ha ha. I always LOVE my oatmeal with fruit, but like I'm going to wait until lunch to eat my Sweet Life goodies....pshaw! I read the paper (browsed really...I love reading the movie reviews on Fridays, but Ebert is SOOOO predictable....oh my gosh, can we get someone new? can he retire? Bore-o-rama!), I read my scriptures in bed, and got ready while listening to my new Celtic Woman's sounds uber-dorky, but it rocks like Adam Lambert! (It's not rock music) When I was putting on "my face", I would get these weird ideas in my head, and laugh out loud cuz I thought they were so funny. And then I'd laugh about laughing at something so dumb. I knew Chad could hear me, and that made me chuckle more. What a psycho! I decided to make myself feel cute today...I love the colors and patterns I'm wearing, and don't you just love the bright green pendant that sets off the whole ensemble? It just adds a little element of surprise. I passed the messy kitchen to get to the office, and I thought, oh good, I get to clean that today. That was not sarcastic. I was happy about cleaning the kitchen. I'm tellin' ya, everything is looking bright today. I'm just so excited about today, and nothing is really going on. (By the why, the title of the blog, if from a song from Return to Me. I LOVE THIS SONG, with the hokey piano accompaniment, and's always my go-to song for happy days...."Good Mornin' Life, Good morning world, How are you skies above? Gee, ain't it great to be alive and in love?" Fabulousness!

Here's me being a goof. "Hi, my name is chubby. My mom is chubby. My dad is chubby, and my cat is know that one?"

And look at those bazoombas! LOL. Hey, I have to enjoy the perks of being prego. Am I naughty? Tehe. Yeah, probably not the best thing to put on the blog....but I thought it was so funny, I'll delete it later.

These pics views on a path near my house. I am in love with this path. Literally, in love. It is a godsend! If we ever move away, one of the saddest parts for me will be losing this path. It's like a best friend. It takes about 3 minutes for me to drive there, and I go running (sometimes biking) on it, practically everyday with Dakota. After work, off we go, with nothing but the ipod and comfortable gear. If I'm having a bad day, I feel better right away. Once I turn on my music and start moving, I let out this big sigh, knowing that for at least an hour, I just get to enjoy nature, a healthy body, and great music. All the weight of the day is put behind me, and I don't think once about it. If I'm having a good day, it makes my day all the more awesome.

I probably pass 1-2 people on cloudy days, and 3-4 people on sunny days. Nice and secluded, but still open enough to feel safe, plus I have Dakota, Ms. Protective. You can get a 10 mile run if you want. But, lately I've been keeping it to 3. I can't wait for the days of longer and faster runs, but 'til then, I'm still loving it. Once I pass the neighborhood after the first mile, then I can start adding dancing into the times. What other path can on you dance on with out feeling like a hippie-freakazoid?

The path is always there, a constant friend waiting for me to visit. Every turn is so familiar. Chad runs on it too, and we both know it so well that all we have to say is, I ran to the gate, or I ran to our picnic spot, or I ran to the telephone pole, and we know how far they went. So many good memories. So many to look forward to.