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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Vacation, Working Out and bathing suit shopping

Okay, I have a question.

Do I need a vacation?
Do I just think I need a vacation?

Chad just got back from taking a trip to visit his grandparents in Idaho, I was kinda jealous he got to "get away" from everything while I had to work, take care of the dog, and clean. But I didn't envy all the driving he had to do. So now I feel like it's my turn to get away. I've been trying to save all my vacation time for summer....but should I give in and take a short trip to visit my sister? I've started to get a bit impatient with people at work (not coworkers, but people on the phone, I'm an apartment manager, for those who don't know). For instance, this lady calls about an apt, I tell her all about it, and about 3 minutes later it's determined she has 4 cats, and we don't accept pets. When I tell her this, she says she's sure she can get a doctor's note saying that she needs them for her health (We must accept "aid" animals). I then politely tell her, I could see a dr. approving 2 cats at the most, but not 4. She just keeps talking. I politely tell her I don't want to waste anymore of her time because the cat situation wouldn't work out. She says, Oh, you're not wasting my time, and I'm not wasting your time (Bull-honky!).....blah blah blah. I'm thinking, "LADY! A doctor isn't going to approve 4 cats for 1 apt.....get real!" Then she starts asking questions about things I already told her about before. I keep trying to get her off the phone saying things like, "well, once you get a doctor's approval in writing, feel free to stop by the office and pick up an app, but until then , you wouldn't be approved for an apartment".....she says, so when is the next available apt? UGH!!!!!!! I tell her AGAIN, not until the beginning of May.....She says, do you have any more? I say no. She says, Oh darn! She was acting like she was gonna be moving in to the next opening.....hello! What don't you understand? She kept thanking me for calling her back and asking more questions! In the end I just had to say, you're welcome, have a good day, CLICK!
Anyway, I just have it in my head that I want a vacation, so any time a problem comes up I just think, I need to get away! But here is what I"m wondering, am I getting impatient because I just keep thinking about taking a vacation? Or if Chad hadn't taken his vacation, would I still feel like I need one? The more I write, the more i think I do need to get out of here....but maybe it's just cuz I keep thinking that. Je ne sais pas. No se.

Moving have been jogging, a lot. Well, not a ton, but a lot because I have to take Dakota out every day. She is seriously my own personal trainer. If I don't take her out after work, she'll drive me crazy. So....I have NO WAY OUT OF IT. Now, I'm in better shape than I ever have been, I'm finding all these cool trails and parks....I'm LOVING IT! The last time I went on the treadmill I couldn't believe the pace I was going and how easy it felt. Plus, I always LOVE kicking people's butt on the treadmill.....tehe. I have tons more energy during the day, I get everything done faster, I'm happier.....this is awesome. There is 1 down side. I don't feel as guilty when I eat anymore, so I've been eating a lot! I just think, who cares, I'll just burn it off when I run anyway. LOL. But, I really do think my body is using it all cuz after I stuff myself, I don't feel full for very long. In the past when I ate a lot at one meal, the food would feel heavy in my stomach for awhile, but not anymore. Groovy.

Okay, I know I need a cute bathing suit for the summer.....but I have had NO LUCK with finding one!!!!!! Why are the bikinis always the cutest? I hate that. Designers must think that if you don't want a bikini, you want some ugly frumpy thing. Or, if I find a tankini that looks good on the hanger, it's tight and loose in the wrong places. Ugh. And I've discovered that I look disgusting in one pieces.....EW! Maybe I just don't have a body for swimsuits. They assume that I have big boobs, and I just don't and they assume I want some plunging neckline.....uh, no thanks. It shouldn't be this hard. Maybe I'll get a super ghetto ugly one as a joke and act like I"m the hottest gal at the We're talking fluffy skirt, and maybe a ruffly cap that synchronized swimmers I come! JK...Chad wouldn't think it was funny at