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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bedroom Design Progress

Sweet Georgia, the hard part is over!  Well, I'm not completely done, but I had to show how far Chad and I had come.  As you can see the room is I'm trying to keep it simple to maximize the space...but obviously I need to add some art, and I would love to get a chandelier! I also hung the curtains only a few inches from the ceiling (the window actually starts a lot lower) and this makes the room feel taller and grander.  I figured if I couldn't make the room feel wider, I could make it feel taller.  
I made new pillowcases cuz I didn't like how "matchy, matchy" the bed looked too much like a bed in a bag (which it was) and that was driving me nutters!  Plus, the fabrics were all swooshy, swishy (more satin-y feeling, instead of cotton) and not soft....completely sleep hindering.....and like I would have that...puh-shaw!
Before the paint, and new pillowcases.
Oh, back where we began.  SO MUCH BETTER!  I love our house!  Now we have a luxurious, little cave....or grotto.... harbor.... retreat....sanctuary ....sorry, I wanted to use the new thesaurus I got for my birthday, LOVE IT!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Ooooogh, taggy waggy!

So, yes, tagged I am. Anywho, here goes.

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:
1) Being a happy-go-lucky middle schooler, I was ALWAYS happy
2) Having my first It was ridiculous, and i hated the whole 5 weeks of it.
3) Playing the piano, and playing the flute and trumpet in the band...I didn't think I was such a dork
4) Getting crushes on boys
5) Decorating my locker with pics of movie stars, I was a huge Harrison Ford fan.

5 Things on my to-do list today
1) Finish all paperwork, etc. Clean and organize the office, prep for re-design
2) Clean the house...luckily it's already pretty clean
3) Watch What Not to Wear...yay it's Friday, I LOVE Clinton and Stacy
4) Try out a new restaurant w/my wonderful Chad, it's date night!
5) Try not to eat the pumpkin bread from my visiting teacher so I'm hungry when we go out to

5 Foods I enjoy:
1) Curry
2) Sweet Life especially
3) General Tso's chicken (Sunbird stir fry packet sauce)
4) Waffles and pancakes
5) I LOVE trying new food and restaurants, it's a thrill for me. So...bring on the ethnic stuff!

5 Bad habits:
1) Freaking out when I have too much to do
2) Driving too fast
3) Not wanting to shower every other day
4) Not calling people back
5) Going through serious hobby phases....I'll start something and be really into it for awhile, then it will shift to the next, luckily, it's pretty much a big circle and I come back to things once I"m through the cycle.....these hobbies include, cooking, decorating, organizing, thrift/bargain shopping, piano, voice, studying topics, health, and other things.

5 of my favorite toys:
1) The piano and new music, especially music with lyrics
2) DVR, I love being able to fast forward, rewind, and pause when I'm watching tv...wonderful
3) ipod
4) My wardrobe, though I think I'm getting too creative and dressing weirder and weirder....ol well, I like my clothes
5) camera

5 People I tag:
1) Lindsay Marchant
2) Sarah Peterson
3) Carina Hallock
4) My sisters, if they had blogs...hint hint
5) I dunno, I don't have any more friends....they have already been tagged...I think

Friday, November 9, 2007


So, I've been wanting to blog all week about my fabulous weekend, but Chad has needed the computer for know it's a week later, but I had to share anyway.

So, it started with the Gem Faire at the Fairgrounds on Friday.  I know this sounds weird...what is that? you go looks at rocks and jewels?  Although that is part of it, there is SO much more.  So there are oodles of different booths, from beads, to amazing pendants, rings, earrings, and all really unique, and as authentic as you want to get.  It's basically a huge art exhibition, but you can buy the stuff and wear it!  Every booth has a different specialty.  I had so much fun.  I must have said, Oooooh, I love that, thousands of times.  Ofcourse there was tons of hippie looking stuff too, but it was actually really pretty.  This is going to sound really bad, but I realized a lot of hippie stuff is really pretty, but when paired with smelly dreadlocks, hairy armpits, head-to-toe hemp, and dirty fingernails, it doesn't look quite as great.  I know, I'm a terrible person for saying that, I honestly have nothing against hippies, except when they complain about how the government doesn't help people enough by paying for everything, while they're sitting on the bums playing bongos.  Hello, if you want money, work for it!  The government isn't your loaded great aunt Muriel!  Anyway....back to the point, here is what I got.  If I had tons of money, I would have got more, but I'll have to wait for next year. 
Sorry the pics aren't great, I don't have my regular camera.  But those leaves, are made out of REAL ROSE LEAVES.  They treat the leaves with this metal, and then brush silver on them.  They had tons of different kinds of leaves, and in gold, silver, and this cool bronzy-copper.  Ever since I saw Jen Aniston in "The Breakup"  I've wanted a set of leaf jewelry.  Yay!  The blue earrings were $2.50.  I love them, they're kinda oriental looking.  I know this stuff is kinda funky, but i love it....and hey, I'm funky, so it matches me.  : )
That night, Chad and I went on the Art Walk in Eugene.  The first Friday of every month, lots of art galleries open their doors for free, and you just walk around downtown and take a look.  We didn't know what to expect, but all the galleries were really close together, and only 2 of them were really weird, and the rest were awesome.  Chad was having a bit of a hard time appreciating the really "modern art" but he loved the rest, and it was fun talking to each other about what we thought about all the different pieces.  In one gallery, Chad was looking inquisitively at a painting, and the curator said, "You're an artist, aren't you?"  She was so SURE of herself too.  Chad just said no, but later we laughed so hard, cuz just before he was kinda poking fun at a "weird" painting.  He's not the artist type, I doubt he has done art since middle school.  Then we went to this fun restaurant, Poppi's Anatolia.  They serve Indian and Greek food.  I love trying new restaurants and cuisines, and Chad has discovered a dining world apart from steakhouses and huge restaurant chains.  It had such charm, and was full of the local homebodies.  I love getting to know this town....I'm slowly checking off all the things I've wanted to do....and it just makes me more and more connected to my hometown.  Before I die, I'll have visited almost every street, shop, park, path, and restaurant.     

On Saturday, I went on an awesome bike ride, with my ipod, on the river.  So, Eugene has this awesome path along the river.  Seriously, I think it's among the best in the US, maybe the world.  Anyway, I didn't realize how long it was.  I thought I had seen most of it, but there was more.  I was just peddling along, with a little Dean Martin, Madeleine Peyroux, and Gwen Stefani, having myself a merry time.  The leaves were beautiful.  Then I came across these marshes.  I must have seen 10 huge cranes, perched on floating logs.  It was so cool.  I crossed all these serene bridges, watching the grey, blue water rolling along, while following a curvy path that kept leading to new sights.  I was so happy, just enjoying this beautiful place on a beautiful autumn day.  

Then, THE DUCK GAME!  Chad and I watched with his family at his parents'.  I love watching games with them.  We always have so much fun.  We ate yummy food, cheered, booed, and sat tensely as the lead almost slipped away.....but we killed 'em in the end!  Boo yah!  I couldn't imagine living in a town without a big college....who do you root for?  It's just not the same if you're not there in the town, where all the fans are, with flags on their cars, and banners in their shop windows.  

So...basically, I really enjoyed Eugene this weekend.  

Chad and I made a headboard.  Here it is.  Chad made the frame from plywood (from Jerry's) and 2 by 4's we kinda stole from a construction site.  They weren't gonna use the wood, the pieces were in the scrap pile, and had some nails in them.  So, then we covered it the back with a queen size egg-crate cuz it was gonna be cheaper than buying foam by the yard.  Then ofcourse we covered it with the brown, suede fabric.  Soft, neutral, and only $6.  So, for a King size headboard, we only had to spend $40.  As you can see, our room is tiny and there were only 2 ways to fit the bed.  Either it was against the wall w/o a window, and I would have to roll across the bed to get to my side, or against the wall w/ a window....and leaning against a window when you're reading/studying in bed, just doesn't work.  So, obviously, the solution was a headboard!  Yay, we finally finished.        

So...this called for a new bedspread.  I'm planning on re-doing the whole room, so here is the start.  I'll probably work on the pillows so they're not so matchy, matchy.  Lots of work to do, but I'm so excited.  I have wanted to fix the bedroom forever, but I could never find a bedspread I liked that was a decent price.  Everything was $60.  8 pieces for a KING size bed!  Comforter, 4 pillow cases, 2 pillows, and a bedskirt.  I didn't put all the pillows out.  Anyway, much better already!  
That was really long....probably my sister only made it through it.....but think of it as creative non-fiction, that genre really exists.  I just went to an author's reading of his creative non-fiction.  Great stuff BTW.  

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm turning into a psycho, weirdo pants!

So....I've been noticing a few weird things about myself.  I've always known I've had some interesting quirks, but now I'm starting to worry myself.  Allow me to elaborate.

1) I'm hearing things.  The other day, I could have sworn I heard Chad's cell phone ringing when I was washing dishes.  Then Chad told me his phone was in the car.  Weird.  The next day I thought I heard the doorbell, I looked really quick, and no one was there.  I didn't hear the doorbell.

2) I'm starting to like really ugly clothes.  I like to go to Goodwill, and St. Vinnies, and plough through their stuff.  Well, yesterday, I was just so in the mood.  Going to these places can be a lot of work, cuz you have to sort through everything 1 by 1 to find the good stuff.  So many times, I would come to clothes I knew were ugly, dated, embarrassingly bad, and I would think, hmmmm, that's kind of pretty.  You're probably thinking the clothes were decent, but NO!  We're talking, funky sweatsuits, winter sweaters COVERED in designs with colors that shouldn't ever be put together, hippie shoes, metallic puffy coats that come to your knees.  Luckily I didn't look at the jewelry cuz who knows what would have caught my attention, probably some dingy snap bracelets!  It was weird, I knew they were ugly, but I liked them cuz they had tons of interesting colors and were really funky, but in a bad way.  I feel like I'm turning into the Olsen twins (not their eating habits ofcourse) but you know how they're dressing lately, they look like bag ladies people!  Honestly, if they just sat down on the curb, they would look like bums, but worse.  IN the end, I didn't buy anything weird, so that's all that really matters right?    

3) I'm talking to myself.  Yes, as embarrassing as it is, I have caught myself talking to myself......WHEN I'M IN PUBLIC!  Luckily it's nothing too shameful, and it's usually when I'm shopping....and I'll say, ewww, that looks disgusting, oh, that's so cute, or I have wanted to try that cereal hmmmmm or I'll talk about the people around me, don't i know her from somewhere? what a cute jacket.  Anyway, these things will come out of my mouth, and then I'll kinda giggle to myself because I realize what a weirdo I am becoming.  It might be okay if I shopped with people, but I usually shop alone.   Oh dear.  I just know someone has caught me and started to roll over  

Anyway, those are the majors.  At this point, I think it's really just funny, but I'm slightly concerned that I might come to a point where I won't think those things are even weird, and that would make me a total loony!  Beware of the NARGLES!