Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bedroom Design Progress

Sweet Georgia, the hard part is over!  Well, I'm not completely done, but I had to show how far Chad and I had come.  As you can see the room is I'm trying to keep it simple to maximize the space...but obviously I need to add some art, and I would love to get a chandelier! I also hung the curtains only a few inches from the ceiling (the window actually starts a lot lower) and this makes the room feel taller and grander.  I figured if I couldn't make the room feel wider, I could make it feel taller.  
I made new pillowcases cuz I didn't like how "matchy, matchy" the bed looked too much like a bed in a bag (which it was) and that was driving me nutters!  Plus, the fabrics were all swooshy, swishy (more satin-y feeling, instead of cotton) and not soft....completely sleep hindering.....and like I would have that...puh-shaw!
Before the paint, and new pillowcases.
Oh, back where we began.  SO MUCH BETTER!  I love our house!  Now we have a luxurious, little cave....or grotto.... harbor.... retreat....sanctuary ....sorry, I wanted to use the new thesaurus I got for my birthday, LOVE IT!


AMY AND MIKEY: said...

Jessica, your bedroom looks so amazing! You need to become an interior decorator! You're so good at it, I can't wait to see how your drawers turn out. I loved seeing you at work. It sucks because they're really anal about talking to people at work. Jo-anns is really ANAL. Like if Loise were working- I couldn't have even talked to you the little I did- ha! But the manager working that night is pretty laid back. You are so beautiful and stylish, I love you so much and seeing you made me want to just hang out with you all night. Tuesday is my last day of school for the term and then I want to hang out with you. We could even do a sewing day or something. We could go to your apartment since you have to be home all day if you'd like. But I don't know how work is for you- if not then in the evening- or some time! ANYWAY- your bedroom looks amazing- it makes me want to do my bedroom again- and I just finally finished it! I like how you did the curtains to the ceiling to add height. You are a natural. I love you! THanks for posting pics.

AMY AND MIKEY: said...

Oh yeah, and I love the headboard- you covered it in suede right? Or is the lighting just different- it looks like you covered it- it looks great.

Danielle and Clayton said...

WOW- you are amazing! Seriously, that before and after pic is crazy! The paint adds SO MUCH! It makes me want to change my mind and have us paint! I dont know. It looks soooooo good! You did a GREAT! job! Our bedroom is small as can be as well. I have been dying to do something with it because it just isn't that fun to be in. Amy is right, you should be an interior decorator! You'd be great!

Emily said...

Oh my gosh that looks so good! I need your advice on my curtains! I've been wanting to do some, and I need to make them taller than my windows too. I was afraid to do it but yours looks so good! So seriously, how did you do it?

Megan and Greg said...

looks great, very classy woman!