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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Meet Dakota!

So.....over Christmas we got a puppy! Her name is Dakota and she is a german shorthaired pointer. This picture is of the 1st day we got her, which was a little before Christmas.
This picture was a few weeks ago.
This is her with her dad. We took her to visit her real parents last week. The owners, or the people we bought Dakota from, are experts at training dogs, and they agreed to help us train Dakota so she could become as great as her parents. Her dad is huge, but Chad and I both agreed that he is the prettiest dog we have EVER seen in person. This picture doesn't do him justice.
This is Dakota with Mom. Both her parents are awesome. They'll just come and sit right by you, as if you're already best friends.

We'll admit, right now she is a lot of work, but we are really looking forward to taking her to parks, having a great jogging companion, and enjoying such a loyal, loving pal.


Carina & Dan said...

oh what a sweet puppy!!! she is too cute. it's so nice to have a dog isn't it? I just love my dogs, I could never imagine living without a dog again. it's nice when they are housebroken and are ridiculously happy to see you when you get home. thats the best.

Tracey said...

What a cute puppy. We had two when we were in Oregon and loved taking them on hikes. Try Mt. Pisgah. (did I spell that right?) Oh and welcome back to blogger world. I missed seeing new posts from you two.

Danielle and Clayton said...

That puppy is cute! I normally don't like dogs, but they are very pretty in your pictures!

Jenni.Jolley said...

alright that puppy is realllll cute! I just wish it could stay a puppy forever ya know... big dogs don't rock my world, but i'm super glad for you guys. and you're pics are way cute!


cool! I love puppies, I wish they would stay puppies. Hope you're doing well.