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Friday, March 27, 2009

Belly Pics....CAUTION!

This first photo is for Karen. Here I am, charging the ipod so I can have a SCHWEET run/walk with my doggie after work. It's always among the best parts of my day. My ipod has the weirdest mix of music for working out, but it gets me movin' and groovin', and that's all that matters. We're talking Disney, Opera, Salsa, 80's rock, and oodles of gems.....HEAVEN!

So.....BELLY PICS. I'm at 6 months now. OH MY GOSH. I'm HUGE, people! I didn't think I looked this big in the mirror. The stupid camera had to make me feel like a cow! Seriously....when I look down at my belly during the day, it doesn't seem that big, and sometimes I'll catch my reflexion or shadow, and think, WHAT? I'm not that big! Why am I having such a hard time accepting my belly? I should be proud of it, but for some reason....I don't want people to see it. Why? Well, I don't really have a choice, so either I embrace it with all its glory, or I feel like a heffer. I choose PLAN A! I've never thought a pregnant lady looked bad, they just look pregnant. Pregnant ladies are beautiful! Why am I having such a hard time believing that personally? I think other pregnant ladies are beautiful, but why don't I feel like it? It's not like I'm going to stay like this forever. At least it's not showing in the cheeks yet. Oh dear, who cares? I need to get over it. Who cares, Jessica? It's not a big deal. Moving on.

So, first I took a pic in the white/red dress, and I was shocked by how big the belly looked, and I thought, it's just the dress. So I put on the black one. Yeah, it wasn't the dress. LOL. Okay, now I'm starting to laugh at myself. So, aside from feeling balloonish, things are going great. I feel good. I'm getting good exercise with Dakota, and am enjoying it. I can feel the baby kicking. He's always awake when I'm watching American Idol....interesting. I'm eating really yummy in healthy, yummy food. I got a new cookbook full of healthy recipes. I was so sick of going through my recipe books and having to pass on TONS of recipes because 1 cup of mayo, or 1 stick of butter in one recipe is DISGUSTING! I won't eat that! I love the Food Network, and the food that looks the most appealing to me is from Ellie Krieger's show, Healthy Appetite. It looks so much better than the food with tons of oil and butter and cream. She keeps it light, so you can actually enjoy the ingredients, instead of masking them in fat. I'm having a tough time with the baby's kinda non existent as of now. I just don't know what I want it to look like. So, that's that. Lata'

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

SHS alumni and theater buffs


For those of you Springfield High School Alumni, SHS theater alumni, and supporters of education and theater.

Mr. Siegle is officially retiring this year. He is currently directing his last show, the musical "Darn Yankees." He has invited all the SHS theater alumni of the past 25 years to be his guest at the May1st show. Afterwards, there will be noshin' and mingling. If you want to support SHS theater, if you want to say thanks to a man who has given so much time and energy to this theater program, if you had him as a teacher and would like to say farewell, please come. This show is fun and has a great message. Also, SPREAD THE WORD. Tracking down 25 years of SHS theater alumni is no easy feat. If you know someone who might be interested, let them know. The last thing I want to have happen is someone miss out just because they didn't know about it. I'm so excited to see everyone! I've been working as a part time pianist for the show, and can say this current group of performers is amazing! Support these students, support Mr. Siegle, support this program, support the arts, support education! It's gonna be a heck of a good time! Friday, May 1st, curtain is 7:30pm. Springfield High School Auditorium.