Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

From Blogger to Blogger

 I could really use your help and advice.

As you have noticed, I’ve been posting fairly frequently.

A few months ago, I was thinking about starting a “real” blog.  Meaning, a blog that’s not just meant to document what’s going on with our family, but is a creative outlet and a fun/inspirational place for people stop by.

So, I starting blogging more to see how I liked it, and see what sorts of things I could come up with.  I have discovered great and not-so-great. 

 I can honestly say that it gets me more excited about life when I blog.  I’m always looking for new ideas with writing topics, adventures and photos.

It gives me that kick-in-the-bum to go out and do the things that are just fun.  So many times I talk myself out of things because, “It takes to much gasoline,” “Maybe it will be stupid,” “Jet is not going to do well” “I’m too tired,” “It’s silly.”  Well, I’m sick of making excuses.  I want to get out and LIVE!

I am discovering a love for photography.  It inspires me how many ideas an image can capture.  Blogging is a way to document my progress, and look at the world in a different way.

It’s fun to share ideas.  I love when other people share theirs.  Inspiration abounds on blogs, and I would like to be a part of it.

When inspiration comes, it gives you a high.  It’s so exciting. 

It helps me be a better mom because I have something that’s just mine.  So when it’s Jet and Mommy time, I’m good to go.  

Maybe it will open up some opportunities later.

 It’s easy to get intimidated by other blogs.  There are some amazingly creative minds out there.  But then I realize, that’s good, and this is an opportunity to grow and learn.

I’m discovering that there is some drama with blogging. People can be insincere to promote their own blogs.  Ew.  Or, there’s the whole “who has the most followers” race.  Or, it just hurts when you get a mean-hearted comment.  But, I don’t want to worry about that drama.  The only drama I have ever liked is theater.  The other stuff is silly.  I just want to love and support people, and be sincere in doing it.   

Sometimes inspiration just doesn’t come, and it feels poopy.

I could fail.  People could think my blog is lame and it won’t ever go anywhere.  But, I will still have grown creatively, and in my photography.  So, can I really fail?

I have no idea about how to make my blog page look fresh and hip, or how to make a button, or all that other fancy computer stuff.

I want to do it.  I want to do it for myself, to see what I can do.  I don’t want it to be consuming, but just something that adds some spice to my life.

What do you think?  Please tell.  And just be honest.  No sugar coating!

I’ve been trying and TRYING to come up with a name I like.  What do you think of these?  Would the title intrigue you, or would you skip over them?

1) Leap of Joy      (Joy is my middle name)
2) Break the Monotony
3) The War On Boring 

I love you all.  I love reading your blogs.  I love blogging.  It’s such an awesome way to share our lives. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chad's Day Off

 The second Chad got home from work I told him I had to hurry and catch the sunset, and rushed out the door to the Youth Farm near our house.  The pics were underwhelming, but better than nothing.
 Jet should be purple from eating too many grapes.   
 Family bike ride.  (Yeah, I need a new chain...yipes...but such interesting colors.) Of course during the trip, Chad was trying to figure out how we could carry the dogs in another bike trailer.  "Chad, they're fine at home." 
 PS, this isn't the Carrie Bradshaw Bun.  This is one really ugly messy bun, that looks more like a pincushion on my head.  I don't dress up for my bike.  Sorry bike, nothing personal.  I like to think you are attracted to the more natural, adventurous type.
 Chad picked some blackberries for us.  Thanks Hun.
We came across a beehive.  Chad took this picture because I wasn't brave enough to let bees land on me while taking the picture.  Once again, thanks Hun!
 Picnic at the park.  Jet's first willow tree experience.
 My first BMX excursion, and definitely not the last.  Loved it!  If you have done even A LITTLE mountain biking and liked it, this is for you.  It's unsupervised and unfenced, so you can go for free whenever you want.    

That night, we celebrated Chad's birthday early and went to the Electric Station.  We splurged.  Chad said that all he wanted for his birthday was the best Prime Rib he could get.  Um...okay.  Such a guy.

The Crab and Artichoke Dip was the best thing I've ever eaten.  So creamy, yet still light tasting.  Not too salty or overly seasoned, but still so full of flavor.  Not too crabby.  That's always a plus!

 I liked the bathroom stall.  I thought I would share it with you.  I used that very toilet.  Yes, really.  It was the middle stall, in case you want to visit it. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

This Old Building

 I found this building last year and have loved it ever since.  Chad thinks it's creepy, and is happy nobody jumped out from it and captured me.  Aw, how sweet.  Enjoy.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Carrie Bradshaw Bun

 Hey Nicole, thanks for the props!  (My wonderful sister sent me a surprise package yesterday)

Church starts at 9:00am.  I woke up, groggily picked up my head to check the time (7:00am, I know I'm lucky) and decided I would rather stay in bed until Jet woke up instead of wash my hair.  Well, Jet slept in until 8:00.  Washing my hair was not an option.  What do you do?

Wear a hat to church?  No.
Wear a paper bag over your head?  If only I could.
Sport a doo-rag?  I dare you.

 CARRIE BRADSHAW BUN!  No, I don't watch Sex and the City, but I found this tutorial here a few months ago (I don't rat the bun like she does, because I have a big head, and the bigger the bun, the more out of proportion I look.  Hello, bobble-head dashboard doll).  I love Sydney's blog, The Daybook.  You can have dirty hair w/o looking like a greaseball.  Hurrah!  I'm not going to tell you how many days it's been since I've washed my hair, because you might not want to be my friend anymore, but I PROMISE to wash it tonight!

Here's a messy version from last month.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Night Rider

 Chad gave me the night off yesterday.  After a trip to Border's, I still wasn't ready to go home.  I was about to cross I-5 when I realized I should get out, walk up the bridge, and take some slow shutter shots (one photo taken over a few seconds, in my case 8) of the cars zooming by.  Well, there weren't enough cars to make it look cool (see above photo).  Yeah, not so cool.  Bummed, I got back into the car.  Then I thought, I could take slow shutter photos while I'M DRIVING!!!  Ah ha ha.  There weren't that many cars out, and I always held the camera to the side of my face, so I was still watching the road.  Though, one lady totally glared at me at a stop light.  "KIDS, they're gonna kill us all!" 
See the dashboard?
 Driving through a green light.  It turns aqua in these photos.
 Going around and around the round-about.  About 10 times or so.  It was hard not to feel thrilled, even though I was completely aware of my supreme dorkiness.
 Gateway St.  See the KFC sign?  Super 8?
 Turning.  Don't ask me how it got that crazy, it was a normal turn. 
Driving by the hospital.

Okay, this was REALLY fun.  The other day, I took pictures while riding my bike, though the photos were really lame.  Maybe next time, someone can pull me in a wagon while I take pictures.  Or, I've been wanting to learn how to skateboard.  I dare not show up at the skate park with roller blades.  Uberdork alert!  Why aren't roller blades cool right now?  I love roller blades.  That's it.  I'm going to the skate park with my blades, and restarting the trend.  I'll take pictures.  Promise. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Mrs. Bad Homemaker

Today, I was Mrs. Bad Homemaker.  She visits every once in awhile, especially when I'm tired, and Jet's tired, Chad's been working 12 hours days, I've run out of ideas for seizing life, and I want to ignore my to-do list.  

We got McD's for breakfast.  We got Tangled at Redbox.  We ignored the mess.  I ate my sausage mcmuffin while I was driving.  Yes, that greaseball really hit the spot.  I didn't take a shower.  I didn't do my make-up.  I wore my favorite t-shirt.  I tried not to feel TOO guilty for letting Jet watch too much tv.

Around 11:00am Chad called, aware it was an off day for me, and he said that Jet and he would be going on a Father-Son date that night, and I could do whatever I wanted.  I must admit, a tear streamed down my face.  I really did need a break, but I didn't want to ask because he's been working so many hours.  CuddleMuffin, I LOVE YOU.  You're my favorite.  FOREVER.     

 Check out this pillow I scored at St. Vinnie's.  $2.99!  New, good quality, love the pattern. 
I couldn't stand the mess.  I ended up cleaning it tonight.  Mrs. Bad Homemaker thought I needed a shower, so she left.  Thank goodness.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Did that fly call me White Trash?

We’ve been keeping the backdoor open this summer for the dogs, and occasionally a fly comes in. 

I’m sitting on the couch, reading my book, and a fly lands on me.  Nasty.  Swat it away.  Then it buzzes around me head.  Ugh.  Wave my hand around.  Then it lands on my hair.  What is it about flies that make you feel like white trash when they land on you?

Is it because of that myth that “every time a fly lands, it poops?”

Is it because flies love poop, and if they like you, then you must remind them of poop?

Is it the way they rub their front legs together, like they’re planning something?

I remember the first day of 8th grade, a fly was buzzing in the air.  Nobody wanted it to land on them, because then it meant you smelt bad and needed to take a shower, and who comes to the first day of school smelling like BO or turds?  Will it land on the big nerd in the corner?  Will it land on me, making people avoid me the rest of the year?  To our surprise, it landed in the popular girl’s hair!  HA!  Dirty, nasty, poop hair!   

Leave me alone fly!  I took a shower this morning and I haven’t farted recently.  I have nothing to offer you.

Lands on my arm. 

Well, I might as well break out the cheesepuffs, get them all over my face and shirt, scratch my bum with my press-on nails through my acid-washed jeans, and try to find the remote to change the channel from WWF to Married With Children.  Hey Lazybottom, can you heat up my microwave dinner? 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cinderelly Cinderelly

I've been cleaning alotta floor lately.  A LOT.  I am finally done.  I'm talking over 350 squares of intense scrubbage, trying to remove grime stuck deep within the crevices of our textured linoleum.  The house we bought was a foreclosure, so there weren't any attempts to spruce up the place before selling it.  That's been our job.

It took almost 10 hours over the course of several days (so my arms didn't fall off) to finish.  During which, I got the song, Honkytonk Badonkadonk stuck in my head because my bum was sticking up in the air most of the time.  Loverly.  So, I had a lot of time to let my mind drift in between the mental face-offs featuring team "You're never going to finish," versus "You can beat this floor!"  My mind wandered onto the idea of this Cinderella inspired photo shoot.  Yes, it's corny.  "But I'm looking for corny in my life."      

 Princesses can sleep anywhere, whether it be a mossy glen, or a freshly scrubbed floor.

During the ordeal, I was able to befriend some bubbles with delightful voices. 

The before and after.  Thank goodness it's over.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lane County Fair

I haven't gone to fair in YEARS, but when you have a 2 year old, it's way more fun.  We all loved it.  They had so much entertainment.  It started with a PIG RACE.  That's what the huge crowd is for. 

 Go PIGGY GO!  Who doesn't like cheering for an adorable pig? 
 They had this supreme jungle exhibit.  Seriously, realize impressive.  They had these bouncy lily pads.  There were plenty of exotic animals, some I had never even heard of.

  They were soft, and they never even woke up.  But then you look at the momma pig that's 20 times their size, and you're really glad you're not taking one home.
 Jet was enraptured with milking this goat.  Water really comes out the udder.  Must admit, he was good at it.  Um....weirdish.

 BBQ beef brisket sandwich.  Only complaint, we should have bought 2.  So good.

 Sharing Jet's first cotton candy.

 Jet loved the percussion station.

At home, Jet and Chad took naps, while I watched my DVRed HGTV shows.  Perfect ending.