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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cinderelly Cinderelly

I've been cleaning alotta floor lately.  A LOT.  I am finally done.  I'm talking over 350 squares of intense scrubbage, trying to remove grime stuck deep within the crevices of our textured linoleum.  The house we bought was a foreclosure, so there weren't any attempts to spruce up the place before selling it.  That's been our job.

It took almost 10 hours over the course of several days (so my arms didn't fall off) to finish.  During which, I got the song, Honkytonk Badonkadonk stuck in my head because my bum was sticking up in the air most of the time.  Loverly.  So, I had a lot of time to let my mind drift in between the mental face-offs featuring team "You're never going to finish," versus "You can beat this floor!"  My mind wandered onto the idea of this Cinderella inspired photo shoot.  Yes, it's corny.  "But I'm looking for corny in my life."      

 Princesses can sleep anywhere, whether it be a mossy glen, or a freshly scrubbed floor.

During the ordeal, I was able to befriend some bubbles with delightful voices. 

The before and after.  Thank goodness it's over.


Danielle said...

YIKES! Good job on that floor! Cute photoshoot- you are super pretty and cute! Love that dress.


LOVE the pics! So cute, fun and creative! And you look beautiful in them. And nice floor!

Anonymous said...

I adore you!

Karen K. said...

Oh yeah...Isn't THAT satisfying! Love before and afters AND the creativity of your blog!

Carina & Dan said...

Jessica you are too cute! Literally adorable pictures and your wonderful sense of humor :)