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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Night Rider

 Chad gave me the night off yesterday.  After a trip to Border's, I still wasn't ready to go home.  I was about to cross I-5 when I realized I should get out, walk up the bridge, and take some slow shutter shots (one photo taken over a few seconds, in my case 8) of the cars zooming by.  Well, there weren't enough cars to make it look cool (see above photo).  Yeah, not so cool.  Bummed, I got back into the car.  Then I thought, I could take slow shutter photos while I'M DRIVING!!!  Ah ha ha.  There weren't that many cars out, and I always held the camera to the side of my face, so I was still watching the road.  Though, one lady totally glared at me at a stop light.  "KIDS, they're gonna kill us all!" 
See the dashboard?
 Driving through a green light.  It turns aqua in these photos.
 Going around and around the round-about.  About 10 times or so.  It was hard not to feel thrilled, even though I was completely aware of my supreme dorkiness.
 Gateway St.  See the KFC sign?  Super 8?
 Turning.  Don't ask me how it got that crazy, it was a normal turn. 
Driving by the hospital.

Okay, this was REALLY fun.  The other day, I took pictures while riding my bike, though the photos were really lame.  Maybe next time, someone can pull me in a wagon while I take pictures.  Or, I've been wanting to learn how to skateboard.  I dare not show up at the skate park with roller blades.  Uberdork alert!  Why aren't roller blades cool right now?  I love roller blades.  That's it.  I'm going to the skate park with my blades, and restarting the trend.  I'll take pictures.  Promise. 


Erin Goodman said...

I love slow shutter speeds!! thanks for sharing!!!

Jenni said...

I have been out of the blog world for a couple of weeks and you've been blogging treasure after treasure!!!!! I looked at them ALL and they are fabulous! I especially love Mrs. Bad Homemaker. I love her. hahahaha!!! And your little Jet is to DIE FOR! And I'm so glad you posted pictures of Haley's wedding. It looks beautiful!!!

And your Cinderella photo shoot is awesome! I wish I had your creativity! Anyway, I'm back and will be again faithful to your blog :)

Kaycie said...

SWEET pictures! One of these days i'll get a fancy camera and explore a bit. It looks like fun!