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Monday, August 22, 2011

Hailey's Wedding Weekend

 It started with almost 800 yards of tulle.  Then there was sewing, threading, spreading, stretching, stapling, pinning, tying, hoisting and so much more.  Thanks to the masterminds of David and Lindsay, the tent was a show stopper. 

While the tent was being raised, Lindsay was standing inside.  Her hair went right up with it.
S'mores with the fam.
I finally mastered the slow shutter speed on my camera.

Hailey and Jared.  Awwwww.  I told them to be themselves, they made funny faces, then they laughed how they did it simultaneously. 
Grandpa tying Jet's tie.  What a precious moment. 
 Hailey married Jared on Saturday.  Twas awesomeness and loveliness.  Two wonderful people are now together forever.   I was taking pics at the temple, but then I felt dorky cuz obviously the real photographer was getting plenty of gorgeous pics.  But, I learned that I should have taken more of the family on the sidelines.  Doh!  I love taking pictures, but you also want to just be part of the moment, and not be that annoying person saying, "Hey, picture time.  Smile."  Overall, I wish I had taken more.  It might be a little annoying, and you might miss out on a few moments of soaking it all in, but you can do both, and then you have all the wonderful pictures foreva.  Lesson learned.


Pictures from the luncheon.

I took this pic because I think it's interesting, not because I stalk cute boys and take their pictures.  I promise!

This picture is lousy.  It was beautiful.  Hopefully other family blogs will have better pics of the finished tent.
The photo booth was a huge hit at the reception.


Lanette said...

Oh how fun! Hailey is radiant, and that tent is incredible, Jet is adorable, and the photobooth pictures are awesome. Love it all!

Anonymous said...

Jessica! I love reading your blog! It makes me laugh! And, you've given me some new books to read!......Summer