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Monday, August 8, 2011

Eugene Annual ReArt Festival

 Ready for an overdose of Eugene?  Here we go!

Yesterday was the Annual ReArt Festival.  It was my first time.  It's pretty much the same as the Saturday Market, even in the same location, but obviously it's centered around things made from previously used materials.  These days they call it, "upcycling."  It's better to upcycle than recycle, because the crud doesn't have to go through another factory to become usable again.  So, that's why people spend tons of hours making potholders out of old t-shirts, hats out of VHS tape, and art out of crap.  I'm all for it, and couldn't wait to see what people would come up with.

 These peeps re-purposed almost anything to make a light fixture.  Loved 'em.

 This guy rocks.  A toucha creepy crazy, but awesome!  Another onlooker considered him a genius.  What a great craft for kids!

His business card states: Jason Pickering: Sculpture, Painting, CREEPY BABY FACTORY 
 I appreciated the humor and freakishness.  Hey, it's better than the art gallery exhibit dedicated to Blood, a few years back. 

 Lawn ornaments.  You stick 'em in the ground like tiki torches.  Me likey.  Chad?  "Wow, those are ugly!  Well, the car one is kinda cool."
 Guitars made from old cigar boxes.  You can hook them up to an AMP.  They're legit. 

 I was a bit too scared to look any farther inside, mostly because I didn't want invade someone's privacy.  Not that THEY would have minded, but I would have.
 Here is where we get really Eugene-y.  Whoa!
 I was trying to take a picture of this sculpture, but then a guy with dreadlocks wearing a mu-mu rode by on his bike.  Way more interesting.
 Where else can you find a discarded carton of hempmilk?  Hey, why didn't you recycle it?!  Come on!  You could still use that to grow seedlings of weed.  ha ha.  Did I go too far?

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Elise said...

I love Eugene!! I miss the entertainment and variety of people. Here in Idaho we are all Mormon and pretty conservative.