Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Monday, August 29, 2011

This Old Building

 I found this building last year and have loved it ever since.  Chad thinks it's creepy, and is happy nobody jumped out from it and captured me.  Aw, how sweet.  Enjoy.



*Stephanie Lance* said...

Ooo I love that building, too!! Great for pictures! I guess it COULD be a little creepy if you were there by yourself, at night or something. But I think it's pretty cool! Love the last pic! So artsy and pretty!!

Karen K. said...

Awesome setting for photos! I love the Queen Anne's Lace flower you posted too. I want to pick a big bouquet of them and I never do--probably cuz I'm never in a place where I see enough of them blooming. Years ago my neighbor dried them (upside down) and put them in her Christmas tree. It was pretty (those were back in the 'country' decorating days!)


You are doing so awesome! I can't get over how quickly you learned how to do all this! It's crazy! The comparison is seriously liek someone who wants to learn how to paint people, and then a few weeks later, can suddenly paint freakin people! It's amazing!