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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gettin' outta dodge

 Yesterday was Chad's day off, and I needed to go have some fun, sans (without, in French.  Rhymes with Franz.  Who doesn't like French words once in awhile?)  the Jetmister.  Jet was napping, so Chad stayed home, and I jumped in our little 2-door car for an escape.

I played the music loud, I rolled down the windows, I stuck my hand out to feel the pressure of the air, I let my hair fly, and I just relished that wonderful summery moment.

After some thrifting at St. Vinnies, I headed to Clearwater Park.  It's a boat ramp/swimming spot in Thurston.  They revamped it last year, adding new bathrooms, long paved paths, a canal, and more parking.  So, it's much less whitetrashy.  The main entrance and water play area are great, and so is the first 1/2 mile of path, but past that you'll meet many mosquitoes anxious to "greet" you.  But they stop socializing in Winter and most of Spring.  So, go on a bike ride then, but still enjoy the front of the park now. 

 Can't beat people watching.  Girls were catching little fish with nets, kids totting around in their floaties, braves souls swimming across the river,  and a couple highschoolers flirting shamelessly.  And, I was the creepy lady taking pics of!
 The "canal"

  In the water I went.  I didn't even do the squirmy "it's so cold" thing while slowly getting deeper and deeper.  I just got in and started floating on my back.  AAaaaaaaaw, summer!

After cooling off, I plopped down my Crocodile Hunter towel, and got as comfy as I could on a bed of river rock.  Us Oregonians have to pretend the river is the beach sometimes.  I'm used to it now.  I took out my camera and got creative.  I love taking photos.  It helps me "see" a place more.  I can better recognize the precious experiences of life.

 I rode home in my swimsuit, feeling like when I was a kid and I'd wear my swimsuit for 2 or 3 days straight.  Gross, I know, but didn't we all?  I wore my swimsuit to Wildlife Safari when I was 3.  It's just a carefree feeling.

I passed by these fun cars and I had to stop to get a picture.  White interior?  Nice.

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