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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Laurie Notaro, wees bees pals

 Tuesday night I went to Laurie Notaro's book reading at Barnes and Noble.  Laughed my innards out!  No surprise.  Laurie entered my life in Winter 2008, where I decided to go to my first book reading because her book titles like "We Thought You Would Be Prettier," and "I Love Everybody (and Other Atrocious Lie) couldn't keep me away.

She introduced me to the world of memoirs.  Hers are on the more hilarious side than the nostalgic.  She's so honest, I love it.  During the reading she admitted that she burped, explaining that she shouldn't have had that soda at dinner, and apologized for the all upcoming burps that would no doubt ensue during the evening.

Laurie is the person who got me interested in writing.

She lives in Eugene peeps.  A real, NYTimes bestselling author lives here.  We're best pals, and she doesn't even know it....tehe.

I won a Tang Voodoo Donut donut!  Wow, I couldn't believe that it tasted good.  Yum! 

She signed my book, gave me a magnet, and put her glam red lipstick on before getting our pic taken.

Check 'er out, or yous bees crazies.

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