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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

From Blogger to Blogger

 I could really use your help and advice.

As you have noticed, I’ve been posting fairly frequently.

A few months ago, I was thinking about starting a “real” blog.  Meaning, a blog that’s not just meant to document what’s going on with our family, but is a creative outlet and a fun/inspirational place for people stop by.

So, I starting blogging more to see how I liked it, and see what sorts of things I could come up with.  I have discovered great and not-so-great. 

 I can honestly say that it gets me more excited about life when I blog.  I’m always looking for new ideas with writing topics, adventures and photos.

It gives me that kick-in-the-bum to go out and do the things that are just fun.  So many times I talk myself out of things because, “It takes to much gasoline,” “Maybe it will be stupid,” “Jet is not going to do well” “I’m too tired,” “It’s silly.”  Well, I’m sick of making excuses.  I want to get out and LIVE!

I am discovering a love for photography.  It inspires me how many ideas an image can capture.  Blogging is a way to document my progress, and look at the world in a different way.

It’s fun to share ideas.  I love when other people share theirs.  Inspiration abounds on blogs, and I would like to be a part of it.

When inspiration comes, it gives you a high.  It’s so exciting. 

It helps me be a better mom because I have something that’s just mine.  So when it’s Jet and Mommy time, I’m good to go.  

Maybe it will open up some opportunities later.

 It’s easy to get intimidated by other blogs.  There are some amazingly creative minds out there.  But then I realize, that’s good, and this is an opportunity to grow and learn.

I’m discovering that there is some drama with blogging. People can be insincere to promote their own blogs.  Ew.  Or, there’s the whole “who has the most followers” race.  Or, it just hurts when you get a mean-hearted comment.  But, I don’t want to worry about that drama.  The only drama I have ever liked is theater.  The other stuff is silly.  I just want to love and support people, and be sincere in doing it.   

Sometimes inspiration just doesn’t come, and it feels poopy.

I could fail.  People could think my blog is lame and it won’t ever go anywhere.  But, I will still have grown creatively, and in my photography.  So, can I really fail?

I have no idea about how to make my blog page look fresh and hip, or how to make a button, or all that other fancy computer stuff.

I want to do it.  I want to do it for myself, to see what I can do.  I don’t want it to be consuming, but just something that adds some spice to my life.

What do you think?  Please tell.  And just be honest.  No sugar coating!

I’ve been trying and TRYING to come up with a name I like.  What do you think of these?  Would the title intrigue you, or would you skip over them?

1) Leap of Joy      (Joy is my middle name)
2) Break the Monotony
3) The War On Boring 

I love you all.  I love reading your blogs.  I love blogging.  It’s such an awesome way to share our lives. 


Andrea said...

I like "The War On Boring." Please keep blogging. Your blog puts a smile on my face every time I read it!!

Jenni said...

Oh Jessica. I totally read your blog now. And I will totally read your blog when it's a super successful creativity blog. GO FOR IT! And "The War on Boring" is DEF the best title! Love it!

Danielle said...

I totally hear ya:) There are so many beautiful, talented, amazing looking women out there blogging...its pretty intimidating. But I say, if you love to blog, do it! If it becomes popular or successful or whatever, so be it. If not, at least you have fun documentation of fun stuff! :)

Emily said...

I always get excited when people start blogging more, it's fun! I have fallen into the once every 2 weeks pattern and that's lame.

I say, if you want to do it! There's always room for more inspiration and creativity. I like Leap of Joy, but they are all good. good luck, I'll be reading!

Karen K. said...

You already know what I think. DO IT! I like 'Break the Monotony' and 'The War on Boring.' Ok, the more I think about it my vote is also for 'The War on Boring.' Your blog is always interesting and I always read it. You are very talented. Go for it!!!


I think that blogs can be tricky. I know alot of people who blog for the audience not for themselves. I think you should do whatever YOU want to do, and do it FOR YOU, not for others. I just write and post what i want, and I've even had people comment and say "TMI (Too much information) and I'm thinking... "um it's my blog I can write whatever I want!" And then, there's the ones where I talk about something political or contentious and some crazy person writes some crazy mean comment, and I'm thinking..."if you don't like it, don't read it!" ha. So- my only advice is- do what YOU want, for YOU, not for others. I think the second we start doing things for others is when we become less and less our true selves, and become what we think we "should be". I loved your comment about the "readers race" or competition or whatever. For a week I put a fake graph showing that I had over a million readers reading my blog to make fun of people who really have those graphs, and nobody commented- haha. I don't know if people didn't notice it, or thought it was real. ha. Anyway- I love your blogs and you are becoming such a good photographer! It seems like 2 weeks ago you were like, "i'm gonna take a stab at photography" and then 2 weeks later, you're just amazing at it! It's obviously one of those hidden talents you didn't know you had! That's awesome! love you