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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Confessions of a bad cook

This is what he did when I said, "Smile."  Funny face classes may be discontinued.

 After 6 1/2 years of marriage, Chad thinks I'm a bad cook.  The funny thing is, I didn't know he thought I was a bad cook until recently when I admitted that I was, after having tried several flopped recipes.  This gave him permission to agree with me, by giving me the "I know" smirk.  He never wanted to tell me, because he knows I try hard.  Then I realized all the hints I had been missing.  For example...

Whenever we have guests over, suddenly he's interested in helping with the food, that way he won't be embarrassed by what I come up with.

So many times he comes home, having already eaten dinner a few hours earlier because "all the guys" (coworkers) ordered food from blah blah blah, and he wanted some too.

Or, "I got food on my way home," that way you wouldn't have to cook dinner.

"Let's go out to eat tonight, that way we don't have to worry about dishes and cleaning up."

It's ALL BEEN A TRICK to get out of eating my food!

I have tried to be a good cook.  I have made some delicious things.  Truly, I have come so far.  I didn't even know how to cook chicken before we got married, except cooking it in the microwave.  I never learned to cook, because I always ate the same food practically every day.  Then we got hitched and suddenly I was in charge of yummy man food.  Before that, my diet consisted of toast, sandwiches, stir-fry, dry cereal, and eggs poached in the microwave.  And, I was perfectly happy with it.

I promise I'm not THAT bad, but I'm not the type that can whip something up.  I have to follow recipes, so if the recipe is bad, I'm shot.  Plus, I don't like to spend too much moolah on food, so I find cheap recipes.  Plus, I try to find healthy recipes.   When I cook unhealthy and expensive food, it's really good!  I make awesome pulled pork sandwiches.

Jet and I got to work trying a meatloaf recipe the other day.  I plopped him on the counter, and we just enjoyed all the wonders that cooking has to offer.

 We smelled lemons.  He watched me zest it and take a big whiff.  Me heart citrus!  He still thinks a zester/microplane is a sword though.  We grated zucchini.  I minced garlic, and let him smell it.  It was quite an interesting show with all the food apparatuses and new smells.

I loved it!  It was moist, flavorful and fluffy, unlike heavier meatloafs.  I made a dressing with lemon and olive oil.  I loved it.  Chad had to spit it out!  Then some new potatoes on the side.

I'm a good cook Chad, you just like unhealthy food too much!  You're the problem!  Ah HA!



Ha ha! You are so funny! My cooking has definitely improved with all the practice that comes from being married and having other people to cook for.

As far as my blog header goes - it's all done on Picasa. It's a free photo edit program you can download from google. I love it! Once you get it caught up on all the pictures you have, it automatically adds pictures when you add them to your computer. It's easy to use and fun to play around with. I think my blog header took about 20 minutes or so to create. The polaroid look is just a border you can add to the pictures and the layout I used allows you to adjust the size and angle of the pictures (picture pile setting). Easy peasy. I highly recommend it! :)

And thanks for the compliments on my new blog header! I'm quite fond of it myself.

Carina & Dan said...

Oh Jessica, you are so funny! I'm sorry Chad doesn't appreciate your cooking. But hey, that means you get to eat out more often. We never eat out because all Dan wants to eat is my cooking. And while he thinks it's good, I can't stand most anything I cook. Weird I know, but I would prefer most anything, so long as someone else made it. So I rarely get to eat out, but oh well :)


HAHAHA. Love the ending to this post. I think anyone can be a good cook if you cook unhealthy with tons of butter and cream! It's the healthy meals that are tricky! I feel like I'm a good cook but I only know a short list of recipes, it's branching out and learning that scares me! So we just repeat the same recipes over and over again. And I'm also like you in that i don't know how to just "whip things up" like my mom. How do they do that? And all the different spices? WHat are they?! love you!

choles said...

I think Chad should cook one evening to show you an example of what is a "good" meal. :-)