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Monday, August 1, 2011

Adam's B-day Partay

Everything is out of order.  I just got the updated blogger and the pics upload differently.  I'll get the hang of it.  

Sunday night, we celebrated Adam's birthday at my parents' house.  Twas a lovely affair involving strawberry freeze, bocce ball, what I'll call stationary dodgeball, Sweet Life Raspberry cheesecake, lots of laughs and enjoying family.  For my siblings that live far off, we missed you, alot alot!

"Stationary Dodgeball" started out with a far-flung game of catch with tennis balls.  It evolved into trying to hit each other with said balls, then morphed into trying to hit the other team while they stood completely still 35 yards away.  Courtney and I had the ladyguts to play too.  We both got some good hits on each other. 

 Here comes the ball.  Don't flinch!
 This kid doesn't know how to smile.  Seriously.  He can't do it on command.  But, he can RARRR!!!!  I heard somewhere that RARR is "I love you" in dinosaur. 
 My Dad definitely likes the shirt. 

 Father making freeze in the freeze machine.
 A family walk.  It's impossible to get a bad picture of Michael!  He's so cute!

Dakota had surgery on her leg on Thursday.  I've had to stay home with her for the past few days.  CABIN FEVER!  Jet is learning to be sympathetic, and lies down by her.  Really, he's just imitating her, but it looks so sweet.  I have to give her her medication in peanut butter.  When I was done this morning, Jet wanted to lick the peanut butter off the spoon like Dakota.  Yikes.  I gave him his own spoon with PB.  He needs some more people friends. 

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