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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Airplane Bike Guy

 If you driven through the Pioneer Parkway/Q St.  intersection during the past few years, you have probably come across this guy, and his amazing Airplane Bike.  Yesterday, I told myself that I was finally going to talk to him and get some pictures.  I told myself to be brave, and just hope that he didn't get offended.

He smiled and told me I could take pictures from whatever angle I wanted.  Obviously, many people had asked for pics before.  I told him he was famous, and I had wanted to get a picture for a long time.

He explained that the bike used to be green, (which I suddenly remembered) but then he got hit by an older woman, who said that she didn't see him.  The tail on his airplane bike put a spiderweb break in her windshield.  He said that she didn't even look into oncoming traffic.  He wasn't really mad at her, but just mad that the whole thing could have been prevented if she had looked a little closer.  It got me thinking, how it's so easy to overlook things when we're busy.  Vital things.  If we just look a little closer, or slow down a little but, we could prevent so many mess-ups.  So many losses.

After the accident, he painted the bike white.  I'm impressed by the stripes.  Often I drive by and he's touching up any chips.  He takes more pride in it than many people take in their cars.

This man, who is most likely homeless, considering the sleeping bag and heavy clothing in his "cargo bin," doesn't hold a sign asking for money.  He holds a Little Caesars sign to get paid minimum wage being a live advertisement.  What a rarity.  

 He has four different meters, retro handle bars attached with electrical tape, wings that serve as cupholders, and a spinning windy thing.
 I noticed his pedal was missing, and told him that I needed to get him a new pedal.  He went into this story how he has the pedal, but he can't find the right tool to take off the pedal bar, in order to get the new pedal on.  He said he even broke a tool from Jerry's trying to get it off.
 I didn't even notice the flashlights under the wing.  Doesn't miss a detail!

Thanks Airplane Guy.  You're awesome.  Not many people have a personal jet. 

I want to help this guy, but what can I do? 

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