Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Sunday, October 20, 2013

5 AM jibbah jabbah

It's 5am.  I normally wake up around 7.  This happened last Sunday, and I couldn't get back to sleep.  I was so excited for a lovely morning anyway, I just stayed up, worked on my calling, and read some conference talks.  It was fab!  Well, I was an official zombie in Sunday School.  Honestly, my eyes were burning, and I did not want to open them after the prayers!  Luckily, there were oreos in the the YW closet, and those offered a pick-me-up for the 3rd hour.  Thanks sugar rush!

Well golly, I don't want the same thing to happen again, but I can't sleep, and I have the blogging bug.  So, might as well live it up, warm some tea, and have a good ramble.  
  Oh, my favorite mug!  It says GOOD MORNING on it.  Yessir!  It's the perfect size, design, and I am a morning person after all, so, I HAD to buy it.  Best $5 spent.  Love ya World Market.

Garsh, gotta repaint the nails.  Maybe I'll do that too.  Ha!

Yesterday was a cave day.  I pretty much stayed home all day.  Chad was gone all day too.  Sometimes, those days just hit the spot.  I hit the gym in the morning (gots ta go to Insanity every Saturday morning.  It's the bestest.  Plus, Rick Dancer is a regular.  haha.  Chad says, "Who cares?"  lol  Meh, whatevs, Rickster is cute and Ellen, the instructor, makes me happy, and everyone is just full of energy at that class.  But gosh, this one guy totes stole my spot, and then hogged the mirror.  BUT, it was funny watching him check himself out...haha!)

After the gym, Jet went to Cooper's BDAY PARTAY, supah fun!  Then we took the dogs out on what we call the "Monster Path," and from there, stayed home ALL DAY.  I closed the curtains so I could wear whatever I wanted and dance like a fool to various Pandora radio stations while cooking and cleanin' uppa storm!  Jet and I did school together.  We made mac'n'cheese and he was determined to eat it on the deck.  I ungraciously indulged him, and ended up loving it.  Best part of my day.  We cozied up on the lounger, it was sunny, and after I ate all mine, I snuck a few bites of his.  Terrible, I know!  Then we cut kale from the garden and laughed about how daddy is going to hate the kale chips we are going to make...haha!  Well, Jet is probably gonna hate them too, but he doesn't know it yet.  I found a recipe with nutritional yeast on it.  Yum.  I discovered that stuff at Cinemark.  They have it to put on your popcorn.

Anywho, Chad went to the Duck game, so he was going to be away all night.  The kids and I basically just hung-out, going room to room cleaning up and laughing about one thing or another.  Then Jet and I read books in bed.  Twas awesome.  And now, the house is clean, floors vacuumed, dishes are done, and the dirty laundry baskets are all empty.  Perfect way to start a Sunday morning.   

Then it was 10:45 when Chad got home, I crashed, and Jet watched Madagascar until midnight. Eek.  Well, I was a good mom up until then.  Gosh, I ain't wonder woman.  And, what's the first thing Chad says when he gets home to see a sparkling house, after he's been having oodles of fun at the Duck game?

 "It smells like fish really bad in here!"

 I rolled my eyes, MAJOR!  Um, what???!!!  The eye roll said, "You're supposed to say, "The house looks awesome!"  I said,  "So, yeah yeah, I cooked some fish, big whoopity!  Just my normal tray of roast fish for the next few days (love the stuff!).  You're the one who caught it all in Alaska.  CHAD, we need a range hood.  That's your job."  Ha!

"Yeah, that's true.  It would have sucked all that smell up.  The house looks awesome by the way." 

Maybe I'll cook more stinky things to encourage faster action.  Nevermind that he always calls it a hood range.  LOL!!!!!  pahahaha.  Love you, Hun!  I tease, I tease!     

Last sip of tea.  Sigh.

 Man, why do I need sleep?  I just want to stay awake.  This is so self-indulgent and fun.  But, I can't be exhausted at church.  I love the classes too much, and Aijah is a mad-woman there.  All over the place!  Cute little crazay thing.

LOVES.  Wish me luck on sleeping.  Oi!

And mercy, let's hope we actually make it church on time.  We're the annoying late people.  We have been trying so hard, but still!  Man!  WE CAN DO IT!    


Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Oh golly, it's been way too long.

Well, I have been blogging, but it's been on a secret blog.  haha.  I have started writing a health and fitness lifestyle blog.  I haven't found just the right title yet.  I wanted to just get started with writing, finding my niche, practicing, and seeing how much time it would take to post once a day.  Mercy me, I loveth it.  So excited to get it rollin'!  Yahoozle!  Such a passion there that ignites my happy!

I am going to be an INSANITY instructor.  CRAZAY!!!  The DVD series is just starting to offer classes at gyms across the US.  I have always wanted to teach group fitness, and when I heard Insanity was coming, I knew that was the class I wanted to teach.   I just took my certification this weekend.  Be prepared for sequinned headbands.  haha!  Oh, I would love to practice, and am going to try to organize some free classes.  Let me know if you are interested.  The class is meant for ALL fitness levels, I promise.  They designed it that way.  

The end of August was so awesome, it made the transition to fall a bit rough.  Where's the sun?  Ahhhhh.  What about my daily journal time sittin' on my lounger in the sunshine?  GONE!  BUT....I just replaced it with a warm blanket and tea on the couch.  Still awesome.  What about picnics?  GONE!  BUT....we eat at the kitchen island now.  And RAIN!  I was such a woose the first 2 weeks of rain, as if it was this AWFUL, painful, miserable stuff.  But, my Oregon roots finally pulled through and reminded me, rain is not a big deal.  

The kitchen.  Ha!  Still not done.  We put it off because we wanted to enjoy summer.  NO REGRETS.  Kitchen remodels can wait for rain.  Oh yes.  So, now we're getting back into work mode.

We are all great.  Working on uploading photos.  Got some goodies.

 I started a  nightly "bullet-point" journal, where I write the highlights of everyday.  Also, nightly, we all share our fave parts of the day.  I loves me some homey, comforting routines before bed.  Aaaaaaaah.  I look forward to it every night.  A cup of tea or cocoa never hurts either.  And, a new down comforter!  Sleep tight.

I have been doing "school" with Jet.  It's so engaging and fun.  I love bringing home huge bags of books from the library, and reading them in bed together.  'Course, hauling them to and from the library is a bit awkward.  Heeve ho!  Totally worth it though.

Aijah.  Aw, little dahlin'.  I call her my crazy angel.  She is SO SWEET, but into everything!  Into the cupboards, dog food, purses, toilets, lotion, and ON and ON!  She just loves wandering around the house, amusing herself.  Luckily, we finally got child locks on the cupboards.  She had developed a passion for emptying the recycle and scattering it.

Life is just good right now.  I am enjoying every day.  I best be spreadin' the love!