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Friday, November 16, 2007

Ooooogh, taggy waggy!

So, yes, tagged I am. Anywho, here goes.

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:
1) Being a happy-go-lucky middle schooler, I was ALWAYS happy
2) Having my first It was ridiculous, and i hated the whole 5 weeks of it.
3) Playing the piano, and playing the flute and trumpet in the band...I didn't think I was such a dork
4) Getting crushes on boys
5) Decorating my locker with pics of movie stars, I was a huge Harrison Ford fan.

5 Things on my to-do list today
1) Finish all paperwork, etc. Clean and organize the office, prep for re-design
2) Clean the house...luckily it's already pretty clean
3) Watch What Not to Wear...yay it's Friday, I LOVE Clinton and Stacy
4) Try out a new restaurant w/my wonderful Chad, it's date night!
5) Try not to eat the pumpkin bread from my visiting teacher so I'm hungry when we go out to

5 Foods I enjoy:
1) Curry
2) Sweet Life especially
3) General Tso's chicken (Sunbird stir fry packet sauce)
4) Waffles and pancakes
5) I LOVE trying new food and restaurants, it's a thrill for me. So...bring on the ethnic stuff!

5 Bad habits:
1) Freaking out when I have too much to do
2) Driving too fast
3) Not wanting to shower every other day
4) Not calling people back
5) Going through serious hobby phases....I'll start something and be really into it for awhile, then it will shift to the next, luckily, it's pretty much a big circle and I come back to things once I"m through the cycle.....these hobbies include, cooking, decorating, organizing, thrift/bargain shopping, piano, voice, studying topics, health, and other things.

5 of my favorite toys:
1) The piano and new music, especially music with lyrics
2) DVR, I love being able to fast forward, rewind, and pause when I'm watching tv...wonderful
3) ipod
4) My wardrobe, though I think I'm getting too creative and dressing weirder and weirder....ol well, I like my clothes
5) camera

5 People I tag:
1) Lindsay Marchant
2) Sarah Peterson
3) Carina Hallock
4) My sisters, if they had blogs...hint hint
5) I dunno, I don't have any more friends....they have already been tagged...I think


Dan & Carina said...

You're so funny! I love to read your blog

Courtenay Beth said...
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Courtenay Beth said...

Oh my gosh I love you! Okay, so new restaurants...John and I try new places ALL the time. He's lived all over so his tastes have more variety than mine, and since I can't eat gluten mine are somewhat limited, but tonight we went out to a Korean grill/Japanese Sushi place. I'm never brave enough to try squid or octopus or anything like that, but I do like a good California roll and we had Bol go gi...I was pleasantly surprised, it was yummerific! So do you guys like Thai food, Indian, what;s your fav? I've been obsessed with Curry lately, I love it too! Awesome! So keep rockin the crazy foods! Do share if you find new yummy things! Love you!

Jenni.Jolley said...

hahaha you liked harison ford in middle schoolhahaha! so mature for your age and i really love that! and what do you mean you 'were' so happy... you still ARE so happy!!! and that is what I and everyone else in the world loves about you :)

Emily said...

I love that you loved Harrison Ford...I was all about the older guys too!

And...showering every day is overrated.

Your bed looks awesome! And trying out new restaurants is SO fun!
You're so cute!