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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crazy Animal Lovers, but one is crazier than the other

Yesterday, I saw a mouse scurry across our kitchen and dining room floor.  After the initial freak out, I thought he was actually really cute.  Maybe I've watched Ratatouille too many times, I don't know.  I've never had that reaction before.  But really, it was so small and fluffy and cute, and had a bounce in his step as he scuttled along.

Last night, I told Chad the news, so that he could set a few traps.  I'm sure if I set one that I'll snap my fingers off, so it's his job.   In our almost 7 years of marriage, we have had to kill 3 mice, and I have set 1 trap, and it was mega-scary, and I think it was a fluke that I made it out safely. 

Well, Chad's animal lovingness has reached new heights.  It has soared above the eagle's nests, over the Amazon treetops, and way out of this atmosphere.

He told me that he wants to trap it humanely, and keep it as a pet!!!  He thinks it would be so fun to watch it.  He said that after awhile, we could set it free in a big field.  Then he immediately started researching it online, and found out what we would need, what we could feed it, what treats it likes, and that many other people do this.

Chad, NO!!!  Seriously?  You expect me to say yes?

He said, "Well, I'm not catching it if I can't keep it."

GASP!  NO!!!!!

I can't set a trap for this thing.  I feel too guilty.  The last time we trapped one, it took it a few minutes to die.  It was horrible.  It was wheezing, and its eyes were bulging.  Ha ha TMI.  So, I'll be buying some type of humane trap today, and hopefully I catch it before Chad does.

I just had to share because I know my family will laugh their heads off because this is SO CHAD!    

Chad, I love you.  But sometimes, I think you're the crazy one.



Danielle said...

wowoowoww--- I've got to say EW! That little mouse could be carrying diseases! And bite you! Nice intentions...but...I'm with you- NO! :)

Karen K. said...

So funny. I know I've blogged about my mice experiences but I'll repeat. We had some and they got into the walls. I thought their little scritching and scratching sounds were so cute...until. Until they made procreated and then started peeing and pooing which created a horrific stench in our newer home. After that it was death to the mouses. I put a few mothballs (2 or 3--no more than that) where I think they entered and we've never had anymore. An exterminator told me to try it and it worked. I think if Chad wants a pet he'd better buy one. ;)

Karen K. said...

Oh, we did use traps to kill them. Admittedly, I didn't see their deaths and Tim emptied the traps. Maybe you can get another friend or family member to do that for you if Chad won't? Hmmmm... Tim? hahahaha

Lanette said...

Eeek!!! Good luck with this. I really don't know what I would do in your shoes, because no way would I want to be the one to set the trap, or check the trap, or have a pet house mouse. And I have to add, you guys are both such good-hearted human beings for even thinking he's a cute mouse. I associate mice with a line in a Laura Ingalls Wilder book about a mouse eating her dad's hair and he was all patchy-bald for weeks afterward. I'm terrified of that happening to me now!

lindsaymarchant said...

Hahahaha. Can't stop laughing. That is SO Chad and he IS the crazy one! Gotta love him (but I will not like the pet mouse!) hehe.

lindsaymarchant said...

I also agree with Danielle. Mice carry many different diseases. Though it is kinda funny, I would hope he wouldn't risk keeping it as a pet with Jet at home! He probably hasn't thought about that.

Sarah Peterson said...

we caught 2 field mice in our window well, and had to catch them in a box and set them free to a field. They were SO cute! I didn't realize mice were so cute.Although I would not want them as a pet! EW!