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Friday, May 3, 2013

Trying new things

I've been trying to decide on a new physical fitness goal, now that my half marathon is practically here....but what?  I've been considering a triathlon, but certainly didn't want to sign up for anything until I went swimming.  So, this morning, not knowing what workout to do, I decided I needed to get to the pool, so I could figure out if a triathlon would be part of this summer.

Well, first, what a pain to get ready, packed, and dressed.  The minutes ticked passed, slowly.  I tried to stay positive, making sure I gave it a good shot.  Breathing: You can't breath when you want.  You have to hold your breath between strokes.  ug.  Location: Ugly pool, no sun, no trees, no trail, just this boring ol' lane BACK and FORTH.  Back and Forth.  Wow....this looks  It's worse than a treadmill.  You're just looking at water and tile.  For a bit, my mind wandered.  I was just imagining a triathlon.  No wall to take a break on?  Open, choppy water?  45 minute workouts, twice a week to get ready for the race?  Yes, it would be doable, but I would dread it.  I felt like I wasn't really getting a good workout, because the faster I went, the more breathes I needed, and I would have to lift my head up all the time, making the water choppier.  No music.  I did 15 minutes.  Yeah, not a lot, but I was just SO DONE.  I just wanted to run.    

Verdict.  If I were at an outdoor pool and I had some underwater earphones for music, it would be much better.  I would def need music to train for the tri.  That would make a BIG difference.  But for summer, how sad to be swimming inside, and not enjoying the weather.  The outdoor pool around here is a bit of a drive....but that would be awesome in summer.  Refreshing, glistening.  Then, with music.  I could get in a rhythm.  But indoors, wasting short-lived summer time?  Heck NO!  So, research prices at Amazon and Echo Hollow.  Ok.  We'll see.      

The best part....the comment the elderly lady I shared a lane with said when I was done.

"Staying in shape is a B*$#^.  Especially when you're my age."  LOL!!!!! 

When I got home, I felt like i hadn't even gotten a workout, and I needed to for my I went out for 4 miles.  MUCH NEEDED.  My element, my zone, my confident spot.  Beautiful day.  My legs were heavy though. 

But with swimming, I realize a big part of the reason I didn't like it was because it was unfamiliar.  I was on the swim team in 3rd grade, and that's it.  With music, outdoors, and some practice, it could be okay.  We'll see.  Now to try a long bike ride....outside.  I really don't know what I'm doing.  Eeeks.  Well, never know 'til you try.        

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