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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

When husband golfs

What do you do when husband goes on a golf trip for his day off?

You try to have as much fun as he is! It's almost like a competition! "What? You're going to leave me so you can go golf? Puh! Who needs you? I can have fun without you!"

You spoil yourself with a trip to Target, looking for a new nail polish color, and end up finding two that are perfect. Then you happen upon some glorious earrings that are the exact color you're painting your bathroom, and remind you of Monet's painting, "The Bark at Giverny." (Bark as in Boat, not tree bark) You can't live without these earrings, and besides, husband abandoned you for golf, so you deserve them. You know you'll wear them all summer.
See? They're amazing. They'll go with everything.

You have some extra time, so you take the dogs out to a new trail. Jet and the dogs go under the locked gate, and you go over. It's just there so vehicles can't enter.

Along the entire path is this wild type of oregano, that also smells minty. The scent lingers in the air, almost overpowering at times.

You come across the ugliest and biggest slug you've ever seen. Once Jet notices it, he freaks out. Only bugs that he can squash with his shoes are fun, not these. I'm trying to teach him to not step on bugs, but the second he sees them, SPLAT! BoyS!

That night, I had a date with my Mum to watch The Next Food Network Star. It was delightful, Mumsie. Thanks for asking me out. : )

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Jenni said...

OK SISTER. Here's the scoop! I checked it out and there are tickets left for pretty much ANY TIME on Friday and Saturday.

OH CRAP-- I just realized! We're going to be staying at the coast friday and saturday. gahhhhhh!! Poor planning! SO, if you want to wait until Monday, then I'm so there! But if you want to go ahead and go on opening weekend I totally won't be offended!!!