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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fern Ridge Trail, Bite of Eugene, Date Night

Chad works on Saturdays, so it's not techinically part of the weekend for our family. (He has Sun/Mon off) But this Saturday, I said, "It's Saturday, and I'm going to act like it's a Saturday, darnit! So Jet and I are going on an adventure!" I whipped out my Eugene/Springfield Bike Map, and looked for a path I had never taken.

We biked the Fern Ridge Trail for the first time. It follows Amazon Creek. I started at Bertelsen Nature Park, and followed the trail until Royal Ave. The most beautiful parts were after we passed Beltline and Danebo, where Amazon Creek starts to widen. Bridges, meadows, and herons abound along the whole path. It was the perfect morning getaway and start to my self-proclaimed 3-day weekend.

Jet being goofy.
I only have a few pics of Dakota and me, so I decided we needed more. I love my Koda, Kody-Boat, Miss Princess, Perdy Doggy Poopsums!
That night, Chad got off late, but we went for a night trip to the EWEB fountains. We heard a lot of drum music in the background, and saw festive lights across the river. Curious, we went to Alton Baker.
We caught the tail-end of Bite of Eugene. Local restaurants and caterers have booths with small portions of what they usually serve. It's the perfect way to sample different cuisines and restaurants in very little time. I was so mad we missed it. But, this drum band was playing! Yahoo!
There I was, the lights shining, waving my camera around in the air. The coolest part was that I was in Eugene, and no one thought it was weird. I could have started African dancing in front of the drum band, and no one would have cared. Next time!
Then they brought in the fire dancers.
Jet got kissed on the Lochmead Cow
Later in the weekend, we made a trip to Fern Ridge Reservoir. And, I SWAM!!!! I LOVE swimming in the lake, but we rarely go. I floated like a belly-up fish forever! Heavenly.

I finally finished the alterations on this dress. LOVE IT.

Chad and I tried kumquats for the first time. They're basically mini-oranges, but you eat them whole. Quite the rush, actually. Tang-whabang! They were oddly delicious. Chad thought otherwise.

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