Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Monday, July 18, 2011

Jet's Mustache Party!

Jet is officially two years old!

We played, "Pin the Mustache on the Man." I looked for pictures online for the man, and just painted him. When looking for mustache inspiration, I came across so many hilarious mustaches, that I had to make a unique mustache for everyone. I was cracking myself up while trying them all on.

We named the gentleman, Fitzwilliam, after Mr. Darcy.

The mustache selection.

If anyone doesn't want there picture on here, let me know, and I'll take it off. But, these were too awesome not to share!

I think Jet pulls off the mustache very well.

I made Red Velvet Cake. It has a lot of buttermilk in it...which I loved. The cake wasn't too sweet, and was really moist. I don't even like cake that much but I liked this one.

Later, David, Connor, Colby and Jet had sword and mallet fights with some of his new toys.

Jet really swatted Connor. Yikes.



Oh my gosh I love the mustache idea! So fun!

Lindsay Marchant said...

That last picture is AWESOME! Especially Adam's face! hahaha.