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Friday, July 15, 2011

Jet goes to college

A few days ago, Jet got accepted to college, so we went to tour the campus. Ya know, to make him feel comfortable there, get to know the place. It was pretty much deserted, so I just let him roam and followed his lead.

Really, I just wanted to take the dogs some place new. They help me discover new spots because it's easy to get bored of going to the same few parks.

So, we went to LCC. It was so FUN! They've made a few upgrades since I was there. The track looks great, and they have AstroTurf fields. They had new buildings, water features, sculptures, and more. And, no one was around to make us feel weird for going to LCC for a family outing.

Jet was running almost the entire time. I have never seen him run so much. Perhaps the track inspired him. Grandpa Durfee has taken him to a few track meets.

Here is the new sculpture. It has all these interesting carvings in it, and it has sentences etched into the outside, but I didn't have enough time to read what it said. I know I saw the word "heart" and "comforted," so it's some type of feel-good, warm fuzzies, inspirational sculpture.
For a bit, I pretended I was in Chicago at "The Bean" sculpture. But, I think this one is prettier!

They had poured new concrete, and it had all this recycled glass in it. Aawww, how cute, that's just SO Eugene.

Hey LCC, why couldn't all this cool stuff be here when I was here? Well, at least you inspired my idea for our next date night. We'll pick up yummy noshes at Market of Choice: paninis, brie, sparkling beverages, and go eat here. Can't wait.
These are officially my adventure shoes. Whenever I'm in them, I seem to be doing something thrilling, even if only slightly thrilling. Well, except for when I'm scooping dog doo. Ah, the glamors.

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