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Monday, September 12, 2011

U of O Campus

I always thought I would be weary of the U of O campus forever.  On my last day of school there, I skipped back to my car with a gleeful smile because I was finally DONE with that place.  Well, after 4 years, the loathing has worn off.  It's not that I didn't like the school, or that I didn't think it was beautiful.  It was all the walking.  Every day, for 2 years straight, I would have to speed-walk for 10 minutes to get to my class.  Then I would have to speed-walk another 10 minutes to get to my next class.  Then I would have to walk 10 minutes to get to the library, then walk 10 minutes back to my car and rush to work.  During all that, add a backpack full of dense textbooks and Norton Anthologies.  One January, it rained every day.  I didn't own boots.  I didn't even own a decent coat.  My bottom quarter of my jeans were always soaked.  Why didn't I get a bike? 
 Today, I didn't have a backpack, I didn't have a class to rush to, and I didn't have to navigate through mobs of students.  I could just enjoy the place.  Enjoy the architecture.  Enjoy the fact I wasn't going to have to buy really expensive books soon and stand in an hour long line to purchase them.  Hurrah!  It's amazing how much prettier a campus is when you're not a student there.


Sweet leather bike seat.


choles said...

Jay-bob! I love the first photo! I'm gonna print it out. it's gorgeous! I have such fond memories of you & I here! can't wait for our tradition of going to the museum and then Thai! miss you and love you! choles

Danielle said...

Pretty pretty. I miss Oregon!

Lizzie said...

Those pictures are aMAZing. I love them. Now you need to give me some MAJOR pointers on landscape/architecture pics. I suck at them.

Really, they are so beautiful.

Lanette said...

Wow, I love love LOVE these pictures! So pretty!