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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

“Bee positive” and “Find joy in the journey”

Okay, I’ve being focusing too much on the negative aspects of being preggers. Well, I’m squashing that bug here and now, cuz Primary people “Follow the Prophet.” Okay….the last verse of that song is so funny….”Now we have a world where people are confused, if you don’t believe it, go and watch the news.” LOL….total gem.

Old view: I can’t lye on my back. Um yeah, that’s my favorite.

New view: Chad has stopped hogging all the pillows cuz he knows I need them to be comfy. Don’t worry, he still has 3 for himself. Sometimes I wonder if he would prefer a bed of pillows instead of a mattress.

Old view: I want to exercise like I used to. I want to run, FAST, and not worry about over doing it. I hate having to think about constantly taking it easy when I’m exercising. I can’t even stand running cuz I have to imitate a snail….or sloth….or BANANA SLUG! Chad can run faster than me now…..NO FAIR! That was my one athletic pride and joy that I had against him.

New view: Enjoy taking it easy….try to mix up the routine with something new like swimming….think, “I’m a beautiful swan… slow, steady, and graceful.” I’ll whoop Chad on the track next year…’s gonna be a serious smackdown…….ah ha ha!

Old view: There are too many things that I can’t do, or won’t be able to do soon. How I would love a ski retreat. Soon it won’t be safe to roller blade with Dakota. No attempts at mountain biking anytime soon. I must avoid all chances of injury. This is why guys don’t have babies, cuz the poor little babes wouldn’t stand a chance.

New view: I also can’t inhale cleaning chemicals….so Chad gets to clean the shower….and it’s pretty bad right now….tehe...I can see the beads of sweat falling from his brow now. Keep scrubbing, Dear!!!!

Old view: Oh no, I’ve gained weight, is it the baby…..or fatty pockets of lard?

New view: Eat healthy, and STOP STRESSIN’. Also, for the baby’s sake I can splurge on expensive produce….like mangoes, and other yummies that I don’t normally buy due to price…..hello, I’m trying to help the baby here. I LOVE FRESH PRODUCE!!!

Well, it’s obvious that I have a lot to be grateful for. Things are going great, I was just being a whiny poo taco, especially when Lindsay is going through nauseas torture all day, EVERYDAY….don’t hate me Lindsay!

And also, I’ve taken a few wise cracks at Chad, but know, it’s all in good fun. He’s been a superstar from day 1…’ sho’.


Sean and Steph said...

You are a total rockstar, and I love all of your positive thinking!!! I'm sure you'll still be super fast after you have your baby, you are super fast now! You're my inspiration!


What a great attitude! I'm glad that you've changed your thinking. Always better to be positive when prego. Especially when you can no longer see your toes! :)

Anna said...

Having just finished being pregnant again, I can totally relate to all the things you just said. I got bummed about my body changing the most. At first it's exciting and then not so much. The way I turned that feeling around is when I realized that no matter what changes my body goes through, I'm a mom now and I never want to give that up. Motherhood rocks!

Hailey Liane said...

haha SO have I told you lately that I love you like a bat loves it's cave! You make me laugh and hurray for the 20th! Haugs && Kisses sister of mine!


oh my dear little jessica. I love you. I'm sorry being pregnant isn't fun and is lousy. Like you said thankgoodness you're not nauseous all the time. Im sorry that life is hard right now. That's really good that you're trying to have a different outlook on things. The wheat bread: I would love to teach you how. I've been really sick, so that's why I never responded. I'm starting to get better, but I still have my cough- I DON'T want to hang out until it's all gone, there's no way I'm giving this to you, it's the longest cold I've ever had, and it's awful and gross. But as soon as it's all gone, I'd love to make wheat bread! question: what do you use for a mixer?

J & J Wendel said...

I'm so excited that you're going to be a mommy! I can't believe you're all grown-up, and have a family of your own now. I love you Jess! I'm so happy for you and Chad!

Joe and Debbie said...

You haven't changed a bit with your upbeat attitude. I love you girl! Congrats on the pregnancy I am so happy for you.