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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ode to my lost chum

My dearest chum, Amy, has left. No she isn't dead, she's off to New York for her Master's Degree. Yep, she's a smart cookie.....and we always have fun together. About 10 years ago we founded the

Antiquated Daft Chum Society of Giddy Noodle-Users..... ADCSGNU......"The" Society

We have a handshake, a mantra, and a commitment to being fabulous in every way.....tehe.....we both love cooking, traveling, funny accents, acting, reading, music and other wonderful pastimes. Can you believe we've been friends since 1st grade? Destiny, I tell ya.

Every year we go to "our spot" on the river, to sunbath, jump in the water off this big log, rampage through orchards, play swamp monster, and have a picnic....with a side of home-canned pickles.

Sadly, we could only do it once this year, and we had to fore-go the picnic, and the sunbathing, and the swimming.....but we still made it!

It was an absolute MUST to have High Tea at Ruthie Bee's before she no brainer

One lump? I'll take 4!
How dare you steal my scone!
Tea cozies double as boxing gloves......I think I could totally take her....well....maybe.
Where's the next course?

These are pics from the river spot. It's a killer to get there (probably a mile walk, but we have to climb over barbed wire, shuffle past blackberry bushes, and nettles, and then we have to cross this marshy area, sinking knee deep in mud and algae (that's where swamp monster comes in), but it's always worth it.

Sad, our only trip for the WHOLE summer. : (
I had to borrow Amy's OLD jeans from when she was more curvy to avoid getting my legs scraped, so I thought I'd try to make myself as ugly as possible in this pic....I think it worked....... : ) Hey good lookin'! We're so cool.....geez......I think we're like the coolest people we know. (Say that last part in a Napoleon Dynamite voice (that's how I intended it, like when he's talking about the picture he drew of that girl.....or the liger.....I think its like the best drawing I've ever like that)


Utah Giffords said...

Also I forgot to tell you. The young woman next to me in the family picture is the youngest Whitmer, Rachael. And, yes, that is Aimee and Ben's amazing pool to go with their amazing house. I'm kinda partial but I think my siblings have the cutest kids! No need to have ugly kids in the family =)! It was so good to see you! I wish I had been able to make it to your place to see your upgrades in person.


Hey! I used to swim with Amy on WSC! Hard to believe people grow up and move on.
Nice pictures. The High Tea, the 'secret' river spot - fabulous!

Lindsay Marchant said...

That looks like fun! Its great to have such good friends.


who the heck is Amy? She's been your best friend since 1st grade, how is it that I've never heard of her? doe she live here? who is this mystery girl?

Jenni said...

sad! that makes me sad for you that your friend is leaving! but those pictures are cute! and yeah... who is she?!


SO- in response to your comment, yes those are my real eyelashes. Thankyou for your compliment on my legs! When I was reading the comment, i was like, who the heck is mckenzie manor, I was thinking, maybe mckenzie laughlin? but married now? I'm really glad you told me who it was! I love you! You haven't blogged in awhile.....