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Friday, October 3, 2008

Where is my brain on/off button?

Do you ever wish you could turn your stinkin' brain off?! I just want to say, zip it!!! Sometimes my mind is such a mess of random thoughts it makes me feel like I've had a really busy day, but it was really just normal, and my brain was busy. "Brain....just chill out. Can't you just relax and listen to those annoying cars passing by, which are abnormally loud cuz the street is wet?"

Okay, in hopes of a somewhat relaxing weekend, I am going to spew this random babble from my brain, into my blog, so maybe it will stop bothering me. Hopefully it's somewhat amusing, because I'm a weirdo, and weirdos are typically somewhat fun to laugh at....or with... : )

I am a vacuum. I am hungry all the time! Why?!!! I just want to eat, and not be hungry 2 hours later. I hate having to think about what I need to eat all the time, because all I want is bread with various toppings. Can't I just stay full, or have a chef to cook everything? Cooking is fun and all, but not when you have to do it so often, AND clean up every single stupid pot or utensil or plate or bowl you used to make it.

I have started incorporating songs into my daily chores. Call it the Snow White syndrome. For example, the song, Neverending Story....well, when I'm doing the laundry, I'll sing, Never Ending Laundry...da da da da da da da da da....or it can also apply to dishes. Or today I came up with a great one, you know the primary song, Pioneer children sang as they walked, and walked....and walked.......well, I say, Jessica Durfee sang as she cleaned, and cleaned, AND CLEANED!!!!! How on earth is there so much to clean when only 2 people and 1 dog live here?!!! How?!!! It seriously baffles me.

Okay, sorry to all the seamstresses out there, but why do you like sewing? How is it fun? I don't get it. You have to make all these tiny cuts, and pin all these stupid things together, and little pieces of thread get everywhere, and almost every time I make something, I have to get the seam ripper out!!! I only sew because I can make things cheap, because I'm obsessed with saving money.

I love when people laugh out loud when they're reading books.

Sometimes I get so sick of being nice to people at work, because it doesn't pay off. They're just rude to you anyway, and complain about stupid stuff like not being able to have lawn ornaments by their I seriously had to negotiate with this lady who wanted to put up a squirrel figurine, a wind chime, a swan planter, another squirrel plant stand, and this stupid bee whirly-gig. I try not to talk about work on my's hard sometimes. I have some stories that would kill you.

How bad is the economy going to get? Everyone is ALWAYS talking about it, and I'm thinking about it way too much. It's gonna get ugly, I'm practically sick of waiting for it to get REALLY bad. Can't it just get really bad now, and we can all live in boxes already?

Food Storage. I am so confused. I'm not sure what to store, but I know we need more. But then I don't want to rush into it because I don't want to buy something we'll never eat.

Why do the scuzziest and filthiest people hang out at family parks? Can't we have a park just for them, labeled, "this park is for those who want to smoke pot, or haven't showered in a fortnight, or scare little children, or scare adults." Jk. We take Dakota to this adorable park behind a new subdivision, and yesterday these freaky people started screaming when I passed by them. Then they chased down 2 boys riding their bikes. Why did these mad-hat ruffians have to prove they were falling off the edge of psychosis? The mullets, slouchy posture, ugly and feak leather jackets, and constant outbursts of "hey man," already gave it away.

Head over heels. That phrase does not make any sense!!! Am I missing something? Your head is always over your heels. When people say that, I picture someone swooning so hard over some dreamboat, that they faint, and their "heels" go over their head. Shouldn't it be, "Heels over head" then?

Wow, I really feel better. See what an odd, tangled web my mind can create? I honestly feel like a weight has been lifted....I can stop thinking about those things now and move onto....weekend bliss!!! Happy Friday!


Hannah said...

Hi, I came across your blog when I was googling food storage and yours came up since you mentioned it.

My friend and I have a food storage blog - it's a step-by-step guide for beginners and non-beginners. I hope it can help you out! I used to be really overwhelmed by the whole thing but it's really not so bad when you break it down.

Good luck - please email us if you have questions!



Jessica, you crack me up! Thanks for a little chuckle. And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who sometimes has a jumbled mess of thoughts going through her head - it's bad when it's at night, though, and you're trying to sleep!


Jessica, I love you- your blog made me laugh so much- I had to cover my mouth becaue I'm at the library! Where do I begin! OK- first of all thanks for responding to my comment about English, and I lov elong comments- never feel like a dork for writing a long comment! Ok- cooking- I feel the same way- why can't we just pop a pill that fills us and gives us what we need- the whole process of shopping, cooking, eating, and cleaning it and then doing it again 4 hours later kills me, I hate it. The park- so funny, totally- agree. the knomes, soooooo funny. I can just imagine someone coming up to you fighting about how they want to put their ugly decor outside. WHY?!!! So tacky! They make me laugh. The cleaning- my goodness- we can clean our apartment, and it becomes a wreck that day. I don't understand either! That is so funny that you sing those songs I can totally imagine it! I love you! You are so funny, loved the post.

Karen K. said...

I laughed a lot at this post. I don't even have time to read the comments cuz I'm at work and am not supposed to be doing this at all! (Don't tell.) I'll have to come back and comment some--I really relate to some of what you've written. Especially the songs. I won't reveal why but because of my mother and her changing the words to hymns and songs I will never be able to sing "How Firm a Foundation" without thinking of our black and white spotted "fire" dog (oh, wait, did I reveal too much?)

Sarah Peterson said...

wow, you think very similar to me. I often wonder similar things and actually I think MOST about how I should blog about all my random thouhts, but I never actually get around to it. Luckily we really don't get too many weirdos at the parks around here since there are SOO many mormon families, but I do remember in Oregon it really was the hang-out for pot-heads and weirdos. I try hard not to blog about my work or any stories that could be "gossip" but it really is hard not to sometimes. ;) Oh- and sewing, it's funny that you say you do it because it's cheaper- I always find it to be more expensive when I sew someting then to just buy it.. I mostly only do it because I LOVE to see a finished product that I made all by myself. I do HATE when I mess up and have to seam-rip though. Sewing can be VERY VERY frustrating. That's why I only do simple projects!!

Hailey said...

Holy Henna Jessica you make me laugh lots! I love you so much and am really happy and thankful your my sister! you Rock