Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

He's just about here!

Just an update for everyone to let you know things are going smoothly.

Baby due: July 14th

I have not had one contraction....not even a Braxton Hicks contraction

I can still walk least I feel like I can, I don't know if it looks like I can.

Dr. says everything is on schedule, and everything looks good.

It's nice to say, "I'm due in a week," when people ask, "When are you due?" because then they aren't thinking, oh my gosh, she is that big and she's only 7 months!

I think my belly is really weird looking when I take pictures. It's looks fine in the mirror, and when I look down at it, but when I take a looks like I literally have a basketball under my's sticks out so far! It looks like it's going to detach and float away....well...not float away....more like drop with a huge THUD....that's sad....I like the floating scenario better.

I have been sleeping pretty well considering it's pretty much impossible to get comfortable....and when I roll over, I can feel the baby shifting from one side to the other....and it hurts.


Excited and subtle freaking out. I hope I'm a good mom. I hope I don't dislike being a mom. I know it will be hard, but I know it's right, and I'm really excited for our family. It will be fun to be parents together. People either tell me, "Oh, you're going to have SO MUCH fun," or they say, "Your life is going to change SO MUCH (in a negative tone)." I know both statements are true, but the latter is so dismal. I like my life now, but I know the things that I will have to sacrifice are less important than raising a healthy, happy little tike. It will take some adjusting, but they will be good adjustments. Everything will be fine. Gooz-fraw-baw.

A few weeks ago I was really sick of being I'm kinda past it (at this point, I practically feel like I don't know any different....I know that's sounds exaggerated, but it's how I honestly feel)....but during that time I wrote a letter to my pre-pregnant self to get the emotions out in a fun way. I hope it's somewhat amusing.

A melodramatic, self-indulgent ode to a single-bodied life

Dear body,

What’s it like to roll over in bed, and have it be easy?

What’s it like to lie in the bathtub, and not have your belly get cold because there is no way that its mountainousness could be submerged in the warm water too, unless you overflowed the tub?

What is like to attempt to run for a few yards, and not feel like a clumsy hippo?

Because, I CAN BARELY REMEMBER!!! You see, I have had an extra person inside for quite some time, and I’ve forgotten what it is like to just be me.

What’s it like to not be surprised at your width every time you happen upon your reflection?

What is it like to not feel like Saturn in a dress?

What is like to feel pretty, and not “glowing”? I’m sick of “GLOWING.” What is that anyway? They can’t say you look pretty, cuz you don’t, but you still look reasonably tolerable, so they say you’re “glowing?”

What is it like to just be Jessica, and not be Jessica and baby? This multiple person thing is really tweakin me.

Love, Jessica (in the present)

Well, sorry to talk so much about the pregnancy, but that's the main event in my life these days.


Sean and Steph said...

Jess. I am the WORST FRIEND EVER. I missed your baby shower cause I had to work, and I've been meaning to say I'm sorry for literally over a month now, and I always forget and that makes me feel even worse!!! So, I'M REALLY REALLY SORRY!!!
I'm super excited for you and Chad, I'm glad everything is going so well for you and the baby. Motherhood will be great, you're amazing and have so much to share!!!

Take care :)

The Seaton Family said...

Gosh Jess, I could relate to just about everything you wrote! It's hard to try and anticipate what life will be like in a few weeks. You really can't, but in a year even, you will look back at your post and smile. It's all worth it. . . more than worth it! It IS so so so much fun. It's a challenge and you'll miss little things about your pre-baby days, but you will be happier than you can believe. Plus I don't think it's as hard as people make it out to be. I was surprised by the way we were able to maintain our normality. People just make it seem totally consuming and it's only that way on occasions. You will love it!!! It will change your life.

Hailey Liane said...

OK so between the two of us...I'm still diggin the name Jet. Now I know my opinion hardly counts for anything but hey just thought I would throw it out there any how! Um also you look beautiful to me and honestly you're one of the CUTEST prego ladies I've ever seen! It's almost time...Yippedy Skippedy!

srh_rn07 said...

Yeah you are almost done!!! I can't wait to see pictures of your little baby. The first few months are hard but so worth it!

Emily said...

Oh Jess...I wish I were as normal as you! I'm a crazy mess right now and don't want to be pregnant for one more second! With Easton it was easy and fun, but not this time! I feel ya about the rolling over thing and feeling huge...ugh.

Good luck this last week! Can't wait to see pictures of the little one!

Oh, and you'll be a FANTASTIC mom!!

Justin + kelly said...

So, I dont know if you remember me... We have a crazy twilight-zone thing going on with our lives. Married the same month of the same year, both dogs named "koda"-ish, lived in eugene, do triathlons, ect... But I have another one to add, because I had a baby boy in April!! How crazy! I just think its so random how similar our lives are!

The Hanson Family said...

I remember the last few weeks and all the emotional stuff just seemed to take over. but you have to remember that even though your life will change it is definitely worth it, even at 3 in the morning when you are so tired you don't know what to do your baby smiles at you and everything is okay and you can handle anything. Motherhood is the best thing in the world. best wishes in the up coming weeks.

Carina & Dan said...

It's so close! I'm happy for you. Motherhood rocks! I love it, pretty much all the time. It really doesn't seem like so much a of a sacrifice to me. But then I had been waiting for this since forever. Everything is just more fun with a baby, things that were droll & mundane take on new life as your little one sees things & does things for the first time. Everything is just so exciting in their little world. PS: Post pictures of your awesomely huge belly. You talked all about it but then no pictures to back up your story :)

Elise said...

I am so excited for you! You are an amazing person and will be an amazing mommy! Being a mommy is the best reward. Nothing brings you more joy! It has its triles especially little boys but little boys love their mom! You'll do great I know it.

Tiffany & Chris Levanger said...

Jess, you are too funny! I love you.