Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Thursday, September 3, 2009

PICS and update

Life has been busy since the last post, and we don’t have the internet.

First, BIG THANKS to all people who have helped us in the past 2 months….from helping us move, to helping with the house when we were too tired, to taking care of Jet, and just being there. I have been the receiver of so much service this past while, that I’m contemplating becoming the “Do-good Fairy,” who goes about doing service all day in an effort to repay all that has been done. It sounds pretty fun actually….maybe I’ll even make a costume…tehe.

The big events of the past 6 weeks
Jet arrived.
Jet didn’t eat very well….which means we didn’t sleep well, but it’s all good
We had to get packed
We went to Chad’s family reunion in Idaho…somehow we fit Chad, his Dad, Hailey, myself, Jet and his carseat, and Dakota all in our Jeep patriot….it’s about the smallest SUV available…good gas mileage for an SUV, but it was a SQUEEZE….especially considering we drove for about 30 hours, there and back.
We moved to LaPine.
Chad had to get a tooth pulled, after being in misery for 3 days
I got mastisis….luckily it wasn’t too extreme of a case
I had to go back to work, 2 weeks after Jet was born….but luckily I was done 2 weeks after that
Unpack….what a job!
Chad: getting curriculum ready for school
Feeding Jet 7-8 times a day, at an hour a pop! He’s gotten much faster, luckily
Eat, sleep, and clean while doing all that…..I’ve come to realize that these things are quite time consuming.

Now we’re here, and loving it. I love that my job is to enjoy taking care of my family every day. That’s my job! SWEET! SO happy! Jet is smiling now….he’s so sweet, and has been getting happier and happier…I can’t stop looking at him. He’s the best part of everyday. Chad and I love this little boy so much. Our favorite times are when we’re all together at the end of the day in our King size bed…Chad, Jet, Dakota, and me….no, we don’t all sleep in the bed, but we like to hangout there at night, and spend some good ol’ family time sharing funning stories from the day.

The slogan for LaPine is, “The outdoors at your backdoor,” and it’s the truth. We live literally around the corner from the State Park….and it’s a beaut! Trails galore, winding river throughout, snow-capped mountains in the distance….I can’t believe that it’s practically in my backyard! I’ve already gone mountain biking a lot. Luckily, the trails are fairly level, because I’m such a novice….I’ve always wanted to mountain bike, but Eugene/Spfld is a running town, not a mountain biking town. The State Park is a perfect learning place for me, because I’m seriously the gal who gets anxious when a badly protruding tree root is around the corner, or an abnormally large pinecone is in the middle of the trail. I’ve already gotten better with handling the bike….I LOVE MY BIKE! And it finally looks like a mountain bike is supposed to….DIRTY!

Gotta go…sorry about the awkward stopping point.


*Stephanie Lance* said...

Oh my gosh!! That baby is ADORABLE!!!! How fun! I'm glad that everything is well with you and your cute little family! LOVE the pics! I've been waiting for them :) hee hee

Lindsay Marchant said...

He is adorable!! He just keeps getting cuter and cuter! I cannot wait to hold him tonight!WOW! You have had a busy few months. Hopefully things will slow down and you can be stress free.

E and J said...

i'm so excited you posted. Everytime I'd scroll past your link I'd think, "I wonder how Jess is?" I've missed you!

LeAnn said...

Jessica, That baby is SERIOUSLY CUTE. I think he should be a baby model.
So glad you are doing well and enjoying your new home in the woods! Post some pictures!

Jenni said...

Oh my goodness, he is PERRECT! Absolutely perfect! Jessica, how do you do it???? Mastitis? Moving? No sleep?????? YOU ARE A MIRACLE WOMAN!!!

He is so adorable. i can't wait to see more pictures!

You look amazing by the way!!!!

Sean and Steph said...

You look BEAUTIFUL and what a cute baby boy!!!

Elise said...

He is so adorable. Hopefully things will start to slow down for you. Isn't fun when they start smiling? It's one of my favorite things. It was so good to see you in the grocery store when you came up. I love seeing freinds and realizing how small of a world it is.

Anna said...

You've got a cutie there! Glad that he's eating better. Also glad to know that you guys are doing well. Enjoy the newborn stage because before you know it, it'll be over.